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Jerry B. Jenkins
Jerry Bruce Jenkins

(1949-09-23) September 23, 1949 (age 73)
  • Christian Writers Guild (2001–2014)
  • The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild (2016-
Dianna Louise Whiteford
(m. 1971)
Children3, including Dallas
  • Harry Philip Jenkins (father)
  • Bonita Grace Thompson[2] (mother)
Writing career
Years active1973–present
Notable works
  • Robert G. Flood
  • Tim LaHaye
  • Sammy Tippit
  • Pat Williams
  • Chris Fabry

Jerry Bruce Jenkins (born September 23, 1949)[3][1] is an American writer. He is best known for the Left Behind series, written with Tim LaHaye. Jenkins has written more than 200 books, in multiple genres, such as biography, self-help, romance, mystery, and young adult fiction. Nineteen of his 130+ novels have explored eschatological themes and settings.

In 2016, Jenkins was described as a dispensationalist Christian by The Washington Post.[4]

Early life[edit]

Jenkins was born September 23, 1949 to Harry Philip Jenkins and Bonita Grace Thompson of Kalamazoo, Michigan.[2] In a 2008 interview with The Modesto Bee, Jenkins said his Christian faith was inspired by a Warner Sallman painting, guided by his mother.[5] After graduating from Forest View High School,[6] Jenkins attended Moody Bible Institute from 1967 to 1968, and Harper College from 1968 to 1970.[1]


After suffering an injury playing sports, Jenkins began work as a sports reporter while he was still in high school.[7] Before he could drive, Jenkins covered high school sports for local newspapers. He was paid US$1 (equivalent to $8.74 in 2021) per inch.[8] While attending Moody Bible Institute, Jenkins served as night news editor for the institute's flagship radio station, WMBI-FM.[1]

He served as Vice President of the Moody's publishing division from 1985 to 1988, and a writer-in-residence from 1988 onward.[1] He was the managing editor of Moody Monthly from 1974 to 1979 and publisher from 1979-1981. Jenkins served as a member of Moody Bible Institute's Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2018.[8]

As of July 2020, Jenkins has written more than 200 books, including twenty-one New York Times bestsellers.[which?] His work has appeared in Time, Reader's Digest, Parade, and Guideposts.[citation needed] More than one hundred titles by Jenkins are young adult fiction, written in eleven series, including the forty-volume Left Behind: The Kids (1998–2003) series.

From 2011 to 2017, Jenkins owned the Christian Writers Institute's Christian Market Writer's Guide.[9]

As co-writer[edit]

Jenkins has written twenty as-told-to biographies and memoirs of prominent athletes and religious leaders, such as Hank Aaron, Bill Gaither, Walter Payton, Joe Gibbs, Mike Singletary, and Sammy Tippit. Jenkins called those titles his "sports personality" books.[7] His credit as writer is given via an "as told to", "as told by", or "with Jerry B. Jenkins" attribution.

In an interview with Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn podcast, Jenkins explained he does not co-write, saying "if my name is on [the book] … I wrote every word."[10] For works credited with Chris Fabry, such as The Wormlings (2007–08) series, Jenkins functioned as the editor, and Fabry was the sole writer. Jenkins said co-writing a book "is a nightmare," but can be successful if the roles among the credited writers are settled before hand.[10] His collaboration with Billy Graham resulted in In His Own Words (2018), published by Tyndale House, for which Jenkins received sole writing credit.[11]

Gil Thorp[edit]

The Dallas O'Neil and The Baker Street Sports Club (1986) series, and its follow up, the Dallas O'Neil Mysteries (1988–89), prompted Gil Thorp creator Jack Berrill to open discussions with Jenkins on creating a line of young adult books about Gil Thorp and the athletes at the fictional Milford High School.[6] The Gil Thorp series was never realized, but following Berrill's death in 1996, Jenkins was recruited by Tribune to continue to comic strip as its writer, with Rod Whigham as artist. During his tenure as writer, Jenkins introduced a number of controversial storylines, including a young shomer Shabbat joining the Milford football team,[12] and a teen pregnancy story criticized as anti-abortion.[13]

Jenkins's sons, Chad and Dallas, contributed to Gil Thorp by developing scenarios for their father to write.[8] According to the Chicago Reader, Chad Jenkins wrote the strip from 2001 to 2004 without credit, which both Jenkins and his son say is not true. Chad served as a story consultant.[13]

Christian Writers Guild[edit]

In 1965, Norman Rohrer established the Christian Writers Guild (CWG). Rohrer offered a 48-part correspondence course intended to teach the craft of writing,[14] as well as history and theology Rohrer believed were necessary to improve the quality of fiction and non-fiction writing intended for the Christian market.[8] In 2001, Jenkins purchased the CWG, and Rohrer remained on staff as "Dean of Instruction".[15][16] CWG transitioned from mail-based delivery, to an online platform. Jenkins recruited many of his friends and fellow writers to function as mentors to CWG members, and to expand the guild's offerings.[8] In 2013, Jenkins developed the Christian Writers Guild Press intended to publish original works by CWG members.[17] Jenkins was criticized for creating a "vanity press", despite lambasting such publishing schemes in the past and closed the operation before contracting with any writers.[17]

According to literary agent Chip MacGregor, of MacGregor & Luedeke, Jenkins "was ready to return to his primary occupation and calling, that of full-time writing" by early-2014.[9] Jenkins dissolved CWG in late-2014, which resulted in heavy criticism of both Jenkins and the CWG.[16][18][19] Dennis E. Hensley told Christianity Today that Jenkins and the CWG had offered a "great service to developing writers."[18] CWG's staff and mission were absorbed into a new organization called BelieversTrust,[16] which operated until 2016.

Since 2016, Jenkins has taught an online writing course via his own platform, Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild.[10][20]

Left Behind[edit]

Jenkins and co-author LaHaye of the Left Behind series were profiled in a May 24, 2004 cover story in Newsweek magazine entitled "The New Prophets of Revelation". LaHaye, who conceived the series, handled the theological underpinnings of his end-of-the-world series, while Jenkins handled the writing. The Left Behind series includes 16 books which have sold over 63 million copies worldwide.

In 2018, Left Behind series was ranked No. 77 in The Great American Read poll sponsored by PBS.[21]

Personal life[edit]

Jenkins and his wife Dianna (née Whiteford), whom he married in 1971, reside in Black Forest, Colorado.[1] He is the father of Dallas Jenkins, creator of The Chosen web television series; Chad Jenkins, the Sports Information Director at MidAmerica Nazarene University; and Michael Bruce Jenkins.[22][1]

When asked about his Christian denomination, Jenkins has often answered "Jesus Christ".[1] Alissa Wilkinson, of Christian Today, described Jenkins as a dispensationalist Christian in an editorial for The Washington Post.[4]



Title Date Publisher ISBN Notes
Sammy Tippit 1973 Moody biography of Sammy Tippit
You CAN Get thru to Teens Victor Books
VBS Unlimited 1974
Bad Henry Chilton Company biography of Hank Aaron; with Stanley C. Baldwin
The Story of the Christian Booksellers Association Thomas Nelson
The Gingerbread Man Lippincott 0-87981-038-6 with Pat Williams
Light on the Heavy July 1978 Victor 0-88207-769-4
The Night the Giant Rolled Over January 1981 Little Word 0-8499-0111-1 account of the 1976 Papua earthquake
The Power within You May 1983 WJK 0-664-27008-5 with Pat Williams
The Men Behind Moody November 1984 Moody 0-8024-5393-7 with Robert G. Flood
Teaching the Word, Reaching the World February 1985 0-8024-8567-7
Rekindled March 1985 Revell 0-8007-1417-2 with Pat Williams and Jill Williams
Keep the Fire Glowing October 1986 0-8007-1498-9
A Generous Impulse October 1987 Moody 0-8024-2917-3 biography of George Sweeting
Kindling Thomas Nelson 0-8407-7606-3 with Pat Williams and Jill Williams
Hymns for Personal Devotions July 1989 Moody 0-8024-3836-9
Hedges November 1989 Wolgemuth & Hyatt 0-943497-40-X
Lessons Learned Early April 1990 Moody 0-8024-4687-6 autobiography
Twelve Things I Want My Kids to Remember Forever March 1991 0-8024-8756-4
Just Between Us October 1991 Revell 0-8007-1663-9 with Pat Williams and Jill Williams
Life Flies When You're Having Fun April 1993 David C. Cook 1-56476-126-6 autobiography
Verbal Judo June 1993 Morrow 0-688-12263-9 with George J. Thompson
Families July 1993 Moody 0-8024-2595-X as editor
Addicted to Recovery June 1994 Harvest House 1-56507-185-9 with Gary Almy and Carol T. Almy
Winning at Losing July 1995 Moody 0-8024-1737-X
Homecoming September 1997 Zondervan 0-310-21325-8 with Bill Gaither
Still the One April 1998 Focus on the Family 1-56179-339-6
And Then Came You 1-56179-471-6
As you Leave Home August 1998 1-56179-132-6
Perhaps Today October 2001 Tyndale House[a] 0-8423-3601-X with Tim LaHaye
The Promise of Heaven February 2003 Harvest House 0-7369-1085-9
God Always Keeps His Promises September 2003 0-7369-1243-6
Jesus and the Hope of His Coming January 2004 0-7369-1244-4
Embracing Eternity November 2004 Tyndale House[a] 0-8423-7122-2 with Tim LaHaye and Frank M. Martin
Writing for the Soul July 18, 2006 F&W Media 1-58297-417-9
In His Own Words September 18, 2018 Tyndale House[a] 978-1-4964-3643-6 with Billy Graham

Co-written works[edit]

Jenkins wrote the following memoirs and autobiographical works in which he received an "as told by" or "with Jerry B. Jenkins" attribution.

Title Author(s) Date Publisher ISBN
The World's Strongest Man[b] Paul Anderson 1975 Moody
Stuff It Dick Motta Chilton Company 0-8019-5967-5
Three Behind the Curtain Sammy Tippit Whitaker House 0-88368-068-8
Running for Jesus Madeline Manning Jackson 1977 Word 0-87680-460-1
You, Me, He Sammy Tippit 1978 Victor Books 0-88207-766-X
Home Where I Belong B. J. Thomas W Publishing Group
Sweetness Walter Payton Contemporary Books 0-8092-7544-9
Reproduced by Permission of the Author Sammy Tippit 1979 Victor Books 0-88207-579-9
The Luis Palau Story Luis Palau November 1980 Fleming H. Revell 0-8007-1134-3
Meadowlark Meadowlark Lemon April 1987 Thomas Nelson 0-8407-4220-7
Carry Me Christine Wyrtzen August 1988 Moody 0-8024-2836-3
Commitment to Love Deanna McClary April 1989 Thomas Nelson 0-8407-7632-2
Out of the Blue Orel Hershiser August 1989 Wolgemuth & Hyatt 0-943497-57-4
Baby Mayfield Larry Mayfield and Diane Mayfield November 1989 Moody 0-8024-1116-9
Joe Gibbs: Fourth and One Joe Gibbs January 1991 Thomas Nelson 0-8407-7660-8
Singletary on Singletary Mike Singletary September 1991 0-8407-7654-3
I Almost Missed the Sunset Bill Gaither August 1992 0-8407-7573-3
No Matter What the Cost Sammy Tippit September 1992 0-8407-7583-0
Miracle Man Nolan Ryan April 1993 0-8499-3507-5
Field of Hope Brett Butler July 1997 0-7852-7144-9
God's Secret Agent Sammy Tippit June 2001 Tyndale House[a] 0-8423-5248-1
Game Plan for Life Joe Gibbs July 2009 978-1-4143-2979-6
As Good as She Imagined Roxanna Green January 3, 2012 Worthy 978-1-61795-012-4
The Matheny Manifesto Mike Matheny February 3, 2015 Crown 978-0-553-44669-2


Title Date Publisher ISBN Notes
The Operative September 1987 Harper & Row 0-06-250410-X
Rookie March 1991 Wolgemuth & Hyatt 1-56121-039-0
The Deacon's Woman and Other Portraits February 1992 Moody 0-8024-1738-8
Though None Go with Me September 1999 Zondervan 0-310-21948-5
'Twas the Night Before October 1998 Viking Press 0-670-88176-7
Hometown Legend September 2001 Warner Faith 0-446-52902-8
Holding Heaven November 1, 2005 Integrity 1-59145-218-X novella
Midnight Clear October 2007 Tyndale House[a] 978-1-4143-1659-8 with Dallas Jenkins
Riven July 22, 2008 978-1-4143-0904-0
The Last Operative July 1, 2010 978-1-4143-0905-7
Sudden Impact March 5, 2013 Zondervan 978-0-310-73311-9
I, Saul August 27, 2013 Worthy 978-1-61795-006-3 with James MacDonald
Empire's End June 9, 2015 978-1-61795-007-0
The Valley of the Dry Bones May 31, 2016 978-1-61795-008-7

Margo Mystery (1979–1984)[edit]

A Margo Mystery series was published by Moody. The first novel, Margo (1979), was published by Jeremy Books, but later reprinted by Moody.

No. Title Date Publisher ISBN
1 Margo January 1979 Jeremy Books[c] 0-89877-001-7
2 Karlyn September 1980 Moody 0-8024-4312-5
3 Hilary 0-8024-4313-3
4 Paige May 1981 0-8024-4314-1
5 Allyson August 1981 0-8024-4315-X
6 Erin April 1982 0-8024-4316-8
7 Shannon September 1982 0-8024-4317-6
8 Lindsey February 1983 0-8024-4318-4
9 Meghan 0-8024-4321-4
10 Janell June 1983 0-8024-4322-2
11 Courtney October 1983 0-8024-4323-0
12 Lyssa January 1984 0-8024-4327-3
13 Margo's Reunion September 1984 0-8024-4328-1

Jennifer Grey Mystery (1983–1985)[edit]

A Jennifer Grey Mystery series was published by Victor Books.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 Heartbeat January 1983 0-88207-287-0
2 Three Days in Winter 0-88207-288-9
3 Too Late to Tell January 1984 0-88207-615-9
4 Gateway 0-88207-614-0
5 The Calling 0-89693-392-X
6 Veiled Threat January 1985 0-89693-331-8

The Soon Trilogy (2003–2005)[edit]

The Soon Trilogy was published by Tyndale House.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 Soon September 2003 0-8423-8406-5
2 Silenced July 2004 0-8423-8410-3
3 Shadowed September 2005 0-8423-8414-6

Jesus Chronicles (2007–2010)[edit]

The Jesus Chronicles series, written with Tim LaHaye, is a narrative retelling of the four canonical gospels. Published by Penguin's Putnam Adult imprint. Reprints from Center Point assigned numbers to the novels.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 John's Story November 21, 2006 0-399-15389-6
2 Mark's Story October 9, 2007 978-0-399-15447-8
3 Luke's Story February 19, 2009 978-0-399-15523-9
4 Matthew's Story February 18, 2010 978-0-399-15621-2

Precinct 11 (2011–12)[edit]

The Precinct 11 novels were published by Tyndale House.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 The Brotherhood January 25, 2011 978-1-4143-0907-1
2 The Betrayal August 16, 2011 978-1-4143-0908-8
3 The Breakthrough August 28, 2012 978-1-4143-0909-5

Dead Sea Chronicles (2018–2020)[edit]

The Dead Sea Chronicles series is based on and inspired by the work of Craig A. Evans. Published by Worthy.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 Dead Sea Rising November 13, 2018 978-1-61795-009-4
2 Dead Sea Conspiracy (forthcoming) November 10, 2020[23] 978-1-5460-1422-5

Young adult fiction[edit]

Below is an incomplete list:

Title Date Publisher ISBN
The Youngest Hero April 3, 2002 Warner Faith 0-446-52903-6

Tara Chadwick (1984)[edit]

The Tara Chadwick Series was published by Moody in 1984. Reprinted in 1992, including new cover art and formatting.

No. Title Date ISBN[d]
1 Springtime Discovery June 1984 0-8024-8542-1
2 Time to Tell 0-8024-8543-X
3 Operation Cemetery 0-8024-8544-8
4 Scattered Flowers 0-8024-8545-6

Bradford Family (1984–1986)[edit]

The Bradford Family Adventures series was originally published by Stanford Publishing, in 1984. Reprinted by Moody in 1990.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 Daniel's Big Surprise July 1984 0-87239-791-2
2 Two Runaways 0-87239-792-0
3 The Clubhouse Mystery 0-87239-793-9
4 The Kidnapping 0-87239-794-7
5 Marty's Secret July 1985 0-87239-941-9
6 Blizzard! 0-87239-942-7
7 Fourteen Days to Midnight 0-87239-943-5
8 Good Sport, Bad Sport 0-87239-944-3
9 In Deep Water July 1986 0-87403-091-9
10 Mystery at Raider Stadium 0-87403-092-7
11 Daniel's Big Decision 0-87403-093-5
12 Before the Judge 0-87403-094-3

Dallas O'Neil (1986)[edit]

The Dallas O'Neil and the Baker Street Sports Club series was published by Moody in 1986.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 The Secret Baseball Challenge March 1986 0-8024-8232-5
2 The Scary Baseball Player 0-8024-8233-3
3 The Mysterious Football Team 0-8024-8234-1
4 The Weird Soccer Match 0-8024-8237-6
5 The Strange Swimming Coach September 1986 0-8024-8238-4
6 The Bizarre Hockey Tournament 0-8024-8236-8
7 The Silent Track Star 0-8024-8239-2
8 The Angry Gymnast 0-8024-8235-X

Dallas O'Neil Mysteries (1988–89)[edit]

The Dallas O'Neil Mysteries series is a sequel to the Dallas O'Neil and the Baker Street Sports Club (1986) series. Also published by Moody.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 Mystery of the Kidnapped Kid October 1988 0-8024-8376-3
2 Mystery of the Mixed-Up Teacher 0-8024-8377-1
3 Mystery of the Missing Sister 0-8024-8378-X
4 Mystery of the Scorpion Threat 0-8024-8379-8
5 Mystery on the Midway September 1989 0-8024-8385-2
6 Mystery of the Golden Palomino 0-8024-8386-0
7 Mystery of the Skinny Sophomore 0-8024-8387-9
8 Mystery of the Phony Murder 0-8024-8388-7

Toby Andrews (1996)[edit]

The Toby Andrews and the Junior Deputies series was published by Moody.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 House of Tunnels July 1996 0-8024-1625-X
2 Man with a Terrible Secret 0-8024-1626-8
3 The East Side Bullies October 1996 0-8024-1627-6
4 The Neighborhood's Scariest Woman 0-8024-1628-4

Global Air Troubleshooters (1996)[edit]

The Global Air Troubleshooters series was published by Multnomah Books in 1996. Reprinted as AirQuest Adventures by Zondervan in 2006.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 Crash at Cannibal Valley September 1996 0-88070-970-7
2 Terror in Branco Grande 0-88070-971-5
3 Disaster in the Yukon 0-88070-972-3

Red Rock Mysteries (2005–06)[edit]

The Red Rock Mysteries series was written by Chris Fabry and edited by Jenkins. Published by Tyndale House. The series was reprinted in 2020, including new cover art and new text.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 Haunted Waters May 2005 1-4143-0140-5
2 Stolen Secrets 1-4143-0141-3
3 Missing Pieces 1-4143-0142-1
4 Wild Rescue 1-4143-0143-X
5 Grave Shadows September 2005 1-4143-0144-8
6 Phantom Writer 1-4143-0145-6
7 Double Fault 1-4143-0146-4
8 Canyon Echoes 1-4143-0147-2
9 Instant Menace March 2006 1-4143-0148-0
10 Escaping Darkness 1-4143-0149-9
11 Windy City Danger 1-4143-0150-2
12 Hollywood Holdup 1-4143-0151-0
13 Hidden Riches September 2006 1-4143-0152-9
14 Wind Chill 1-4143-0153-7
15 Dead End 1-4143-0154-5

Renegade Spirit (2006–2008)[edit]

The Renegade Spirit series was written by John Perrodin and edited by Jenkins. Published by Thomas Nelson's Integrity imprint. The premise is similar to The Soon Trilogy (2003–2005), written by Jenkins.

No. Titles Date ISBN
1 The Tattooed Rats October 3, 2006 1-59145-396-8
2 Demon's Bluff April 10, 2007 978-1-59145-397-0
3 Seclusion Point February 5, 2008 978-1-59554-401-8

The Wormlings (2007–08)[edit]

The Wormlings series was written by Chris Fabry and edited by Jenkins. Published by Tyndale House.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 The Book of the King October 2007 978-1-4143-0155-6
2 The Sword of the Wormling 978-1-4143-0156-3
3 The Changeling 978-1-4143-0157-0
4 The Minions of Time February 2008 978-1-4143-0158-7
5 The Author's Blood 978-1-4143-0159-4

Thirteen (2016–17)[edit]

The Thirteen science fantasy series was written by Trisha White Priebe and edited by Jenkins. Published by Barbour.

No. Title Date ISBN
1 The Glass Castle March 2016 978-1-63409-389-7
2 The Ruby Moon October 2016 978-1-63409-903-5
3 The Paper Boat April 2017 978-1-68322-178-4

Left Behind (1995–2007)[edit]

The Left Behind series, created and developed by Tim LaHaye, was published by Tyndale House. Thorndike Press, Turtleback Books, and others, offered reprints in various formats. Graphic novel adaptations of the series were published by Tyndale from 2001 to 2002.[24] Tyndale also published devotional calendars for 2002 and 2003 which featured text from the novels. Prior to the release of Soul Harvest (1998), the novels were not numbered. Not all printings include a number stamp.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 Left Behind September 1995 0-8423-2911-0
2 Tribulation Force September 1996 0-8423-2913-7
3 Nicolae July 1997 0-8423-2914-5
4 Soul Harvest June 1998 0-8423-2915-3
5 Apollyon February 1999 0-8423-2916-1
6 Assassins August 1999 0-8423-2920-X
7 The Indwelling May 2000 0-8423-2928-5
8 The Mark November 2000 0-8423-3225-1
9 Desecration November 2001 0-8423-3226-X
10 The Remnant May 2002 0-8423-3227-8
11 Armageddon April 2003 0-8423-3234-0
12 Glorious Appearing March 2004 0-8423-3235-9
13 Kingdom Come April 2007 978-0-8423-6061-6

Prequel series (2005–06)[edit]

Marketed as Before They Were Left Behind, the series retells events prior Left Behind (1995). The novels also function as prequels to Kingdom Come (2007), the final installment of the main series.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 The Rising February 2005 0-8423-6056-5
2 The Regime October 2005 1-4143-0576-1
3 The Rapture June 2006 1-4143-0580-X

Kids (1998–2003)[edit]

Left Behind: The Kids is a retelling of the main series from the point of view of four young survivors. The novellas were bound-up as the Young Trib Force (2003–2005) series. Reprints include updated text introduced in the Young Trib Force bind-ups.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 The Vanishings July 1998 0-8423-2193-4
2 Second Chance 0-8423-2194-2
3 Through the Flames 0-8423-2195-0
4 Facing the Future 0-8423-2196-9
5 Nicolae High September 1999 0-8423-4325-3
6 The Underground 0-8423-4326-1
7 Busted! March 2000 0-8423-4327-X
8 Death Strike 0-8423-4328-8
9 The Search July 2000 0-8423-4329-6
10 On the Run 0-8423-4330-X
11 Into the Storm November 2000 0-8423-4331-8
12 Earthquake! 0-8423-4332-6
13 The Showdown February 2001 0-8423-4294-X
14 Judgment Day 0-8423-4295-8
15 Battling the Commander June 2001 0-8423-4296-6
16 Fire from Heaven 0-8423-4297-4
17 Terror in the Stadium October 2001 0-8423-4299-0
18 Darkening Skies 0-8423-4312-1
19 Attack of Apollyon March 2002 0-8423-4313-X
20 A Dangerous Plan 0-8423-4314-8
21 Secrets of New Babylon July 2002 0-8423-4315-6
22 Escape from New Babylon 0-8423-4316-4
23 Horsemen of Terror October 2002 0-8423-4317-2
24 Uplink from the Underground 0-8423-4318-0
25 Death at the Gala March 2003 0-8423-5789-0
26 The Beast Arises 0-8423-5790-4
27 Wildfire! May 2003 0-8423-5791-2
28 The Mark of the Beast 0-8423-5792-0
29 Breakout! June 2003 0-8423-5793-9
30 Murder in the Holy Place 0-8423-5794-7
31 Escape to Masada September 2003 0-8423-5801-3
32 War of the Dragon 0-8423-5802-1
33 Attack on Petra January 2004 0-8423-5803-X
34 Bounty Hunters 0-8423-5804-8
35 The Rise of False Messiahs May 2004 0-8423-5805-6
36 Ominous Choices 0-8423-5807-2
37 Heat Wave August 2004 0-8423-8347-6
38 The Perils of Love 0-8423-8348-4
39 The Road to War September 2003 0-8423-8349-2
40 Triumphant Return 0-8423-8350-6

‡ Includes previously uncredited contributions from Chris Fabry.

Non-fiction companions (1999–2005)[edit]

Jenkins co-wrote three companions with Tim LaHaye. Are We Living in the End Times? (1999) was not marketed as a Left Behind title; however, the book explored themes and settings depicted in the novels. These Will Not Be Left Behind (2003) is a retrospective of reader's experiences with the series, and how they "came to faith."[25] Reprints of the companions use the same cover design and typeface as the main series.

Title Date[a] ISBN Notes
Are We Living in the End Times? October 1999 0-8423-0098-8
These Will Not Be Left Behind July 2003 0-8423-6593-1 with Norman B. Rohrer
The Authorized Left Behind Handbook February 2005 0-8423-5440-9 with Sandi L. Swanson

Young Trib Force (2003–2005)[edit]

Left Behind: The Young Trib Force bind-ups of The Kids (1998–2003) series, three or four novellas per volume. Chris Fabry wrote new material to link the novellas to the main sequence of novels. Several bind-ups included significant revisions to the original text, including reordering of events and character changes.

No. Title Date[a] ISBN
1 Taken October 2003 0-8423-8351-4
2 Pursued 0-8423-8352-2
3 Hidden January 2004 0-8423-8353-0
4 Rescued February 2004 0-8423-8354-9
5 Stung July 2004 0-8423-8355-7
6 Frantic 0-8423-8356-5
7 Shaken February 2005 1-4143-0268-1
8 Unmasked 1-4143-0269-X
9 Deceived April 2005 1-4143-0270-3
10 Protected 1-4143-0271-1
11 Hunted May 2005 1-4143-0272-X
12 Arrived 1-4143-0273-8


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