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Jesus of Nazareth is the central figure of Christianity and a major figure of Islam.

Jesus, Jesus (the) Christ (Messiah), or Jesus of Nazareth may also refer to:


Religious figures[edit]

  • Christ (title), the Greek title for Messiah, applied to Jesus for his role as the Jewish Messiah in Christianity
  • Historical Jesus, scholarly reconstructions of the life of Jesus, including extra-Biblical sources
  • Elymas Bar-Jesus, a Jewish person in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 13, who opposed the missionary Paul on Cyprus
  • Jesus Barabbas (Matthew 27:16-17 margin), pardoned criminal
  • Jesus Justus (Colossians 4:11), Christian in Rome mentioned by Paul

Other people with the name[edit]

People with the nickname or stage name[edit]

  • Jesús (born 1977), stagename of American wrestler Aaron Aguilera
  • "Jesus", Chris Ferguson (born 1963), American poker player with trademark long brown hair and beard
  • Joshua Kennedy, (born 1982), former Australian footballer known during his playing career for his resemblance to traditional depictions of the religious figure


Film and television[edit]





  • Jesus Christ Allin, birth name of musician GG Allin (1956–1993)
  • Zola Jesus, stagename of American female singer songwriter (born 1989)


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