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Type of site
Video game journalism
Available inFrench
Alexa rank29 (France); 831 (world)[1]
Launched1997; 22 years ago (1997) is a French video gaming website founded in 1997.


The website traces its history to a video game hint collection on Minitel, a precursor to the World Wide Web, and was founded by Sébastien Pissavy while on military service in 1995. As his work became more popular, he moved it to a website,, in 1997. Gameloft purchased an 80% share of the site in 2000, though Pissavy ran it independently until his departure in 2012.[2] HiMedia purchased the site in 2006 and sold it in 2014 to Webedia for 90 million euros.[3] Webedia subsequently moved the offices to Paris, causing several staff members to leave.[4] In August 2015, the site was hacked; administrators said no private information was leaked but still advised users to change their passwords.[5]

Forums[edit]'s forums have caused it controversy and legal problems.[2] The forums are often compared in spirit to 4chan and have few rules.[6] L'Obs and Le Monde have both criticized the forums for their hatred and intolerance.[7][8] Forum posters have also uncovered controversies, such as making plagiarism claims against popular YouTube users.[9]


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