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Jim's Group
FounderJim Penman
Areas served
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Canada
Key people
Jim Penman (CEO)
Websitewww.jims.net/ Edit this on Wikidata

Jim's Mowing is a lawncare service franchise which was founded in 1982, by Jim Penman. Penman initially launched it as a part-time gardening business while Jim was completing his PhD in History. The business was run independently until 1989, when it became a franchise, which can now be found across four different countries, with 4,000 total franchisees.[1][2]

After launching the Jim's Mowing Franchise in 1989 further divisions followed. The second division was Cleaning and since then the franchise model has been adapted to almost 50 different service industries.[3]

In 2017 Jim’s Group has a turnover of over $400 million, and is the largest franchise in Australia with over 3000 franchises, as well as being the world's largest home franchise business.[4]

Jim is still the CEO of the group and actively involved in day-to-day operations.[5]

Jim's Group has now expanded into Great Britain, New Zealand & Canada.[6]


In 1982, Jim Penman started the company with $24 of capital [7] In 2009, there was a major disruption from the franchisees when fees were raised[8] and Jim Penman was almost voted out.

In 2010, master franchisors held a "referendum" asking for Penman to stand down because of concerns with his leadership style, breaches of contract and steep fee hikes. Although the referendum followed the procedures in the operation manual, Jim advised he could notbe stood down and only he could run the company and negotiations occoured which reached agreement on the fee and master franchise issues . A number of concerns about Penman were also raised by disgruntled franchisees including "he runs the whole business as though he owns every part of it", changes had reduced the value of their investment, and litigation. [9]

On 23 November 2016, there was a database breach of the Jim's Group services, more specifically, of Jim's Building Inspections, where emails were sent out to previous customers, containing supposed links to invoices with a demand for payment. These emails, once opened, would prompt the user to download an infected .zip file. The infected file would then install ransomware onto the victim's computer, which encrypts the user's computer files and extorts money to unlock them. Shortly after finding out about this, the Jim's group sent a warning email to all known victims, warning them not to open the previous email, and that it was a cyber-terrorist scam.[10]

In the same year Jim's Group received more than 100,000 leads that were unable to be serviced.[11]

In 2012 there was an unsuccessful bid for $10 million in funding to expedite expansion including a float on the ASX, which has not since been realised.[12]


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