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Jin Feibao
Born (1963-11-23) November 23, 1963 (age 54)
Kunming, China
OccupationClimber, Adventurer, and Business Consultant
Known forCompleting the Explorers Grand Slam in only 18 months and 24 days

Jin Feibao (Chinese: 金飞豹; pinyin: Jīn Feībào, born November 23, 1963) is a Chinese mountain climber. He has been described as "arguably modern China's greatest adventurer."[1] A native from Kunming, Feibao has completed the Explorers Grand Slam, summiting the highest mountain in every continent and reaching both the North and South Poles in a record 18 months and 24 days.[2] He has also trekked across the Sahara Desert and took part in the first Chinese expedition to cross Greenland from West to East. On top of his many explorations, he is also a celebrated stamp collector, having collected the Guinness Book of World Records largest Olympic stamp collection.[3][4] Feibao also plans to be the first Chinese tourist in space in 2011.[5]

Explorers Grand Slam[edit]

On May 14, 2006, Jin Feibao, along with his brother Jin Feibiao (Chinese: 金飞彪; pinyin: Jīn Feībiāo), became the first brothers to summit Mt. Everest together. At the summit they flew the Chinese flag along with the Olympic flag to show their support of the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics. After summiting Everest, Feibao continued to climb the highest mountain in each of the seven continents as well as trek to the North and South Poles, raising the Olympic flag at each site.[6] On December 8, 2007, summited Mt. Aconcagua in South America becoming the fastest person to complete the Explorers Grand Slam in just under 19 months.[7]

Feibao's Completion of the 7+2 Explorers Grand Slam[8]
Date Place Elevation Description
1. May 14, 2006 Mt. Everest 8848 m Highest Mountain in Asia and the World
2. October 20, 2006 Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895 m Highest Mountain in Africa
3. December 23, 2006 Mt. Vinson Massif 4897 m Highest Mountain in Antarctica
4. January 19, 2007 Geographic South Pole 2835 m Trekked to 90°S Latitude
5. April 28, 2007 Geographic North Pole Trekked to 90°N Latitude
6. May 26, 2007 Mt. Kosciusko 2228 m Highest Mountain in Australia
7. June 30, 2007 Mt. McKinley 6194 m Highest Mountain in North America
8. August 28, 2007 Mt. Elbrus 5642 m Highest Mountain in Europe
9. September 9, 2007 Carstensz Pyramid 4884 m Highest Mountain in Oceania
10. December 8, 2007 Mt. Aconcagua 6962 m Highest Mountain in South America


In 2004, in collaboration with American Gregg Millett, Feibao hosted the exhibition "1944: Colorful Kunming" which featured the oldest known color photographs ever taken in China, some 200 color slides taken by a US Army Lieutenant in World War II. The exhibition was an immediate hit. It was free to the public and over 300,000 people attended in the two weeks that it was on display. The exhibition put Feibao in the city spotlight, and he used the popularity of the exhibition to jump start his adventures and fulfill his passions.

Other achievements[edit]

  • 1986: Climbed Jiaozi snow mountain located in Luquan County—the highest peak of Kunming (4,217 meters)
  • 1987: Climbed Mazong mountain range—the highest snow peak of Yunnan Province (4,360 meters)
  • 1990: Swam across the Dian Lake (9 kilometers)
  • June 5, 1996: Participated in “Mt. Everest Clean-up” – Mountain garbage Environment protection event
  • February 12, 2003: Climbed Haba Snow Mountain (5,396 meters)
  • July 2004: Climbed Mt. Muztag in Xinjiang province, China (7,546 meters)
  • September 2005: Climbed Mt.Qowowuyag – the 6th highest peak in the world (8,201 meters)
  • February 2006: Trekked through Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang Province, China (210 kilometers)
  • May 14, 2006: Climbed Mt. Everest (8,848 meters)
  • December 8, 2007: Completed the Explorers Grand Slam, successfully summiting the highest mountain in each continent and reaching the North and South Pole (see above table)
  • June 7, 2008: Trekked across the Greenland Icecap from west to east (600 kilometers)[9]
  • October 2, 2008: Climbed Mt. Shisha Pangma – the 14th highest peak in the world (8,012 meters)
  • April to June, 2009: Trekked across the Sahara desert from west to east, through 6 countries, totaling over 6,700 kilometers.[10]
  • December 2009: “Explore the century old Yunnan-Vietnam Railway; trekking thousands of kilometers and witnessing the history” cultural & scientific exploration, lasted for 25 days, set off from Kunming, passing through Yiliang, Kaiyuan, Hekou, Lao Gai of Vietnam, Yen Bai and Hanoi, finally arriving at Haiphong, the whole journey was about 862 kilometers.
  • January 2011 to March: “Kunming - Southeast Asia Bicycling: Messengers of Friendship", supported by the Kunming Municipal People’s Government, in order to further develop friendly relations between South-east Asia cities and Kunming, to promote the traditional friendship between citizens of our two cities, to publicize rich tourism resources in countries on the route, and to expand the commercial trade and non-governmental exchanges.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Olympic Torch bearer, June 11, 2008 [11]
  • Awarded China's Golden Rhinoceros Outdoor Award, 2006, 2007[12]


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