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Joey Boy
โจอี้ บอย
Joey Boy.JPG
Background information
Birth name Apisit Opsasaimlikit
Born 1975
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Singer, lyricist, composer, producer
Instruments Singer
Years active 1994-present
Labels 1994-2000: Bakery Music
2000-present: Gancore Club
2001-present: rhythm zone
Associated acts, The Black Eyed Peas, Snow
Joey Boy
Medal record
Asian Beach Games
Gold medal – first place 2012 Haiyang Team combined

Joey Boy (Thai: โจอี้ บอย) or Apisit Opasaimlikit (Thai: อภิสิทธิ์ โอภาสเอี่ยมลิขิต; rtgsAphisit Ophat-iamlikhit, born 1975) is a Thai hip hop singer and producer.


Born into a Thai-Chinese family,[1] Joey Boy started listening to hip hop when he was 14 years old and skateboarding. In 1994, he was signed to Bakery Music.

Fun, Fun, Fun and work with Snow[edit]

In 1995, Joey Boy began collaborating with multi-platinum Canadian reggae artist, Snow. In 1995, Joey Boy flew to Toronto to record "Fun, Fun, Fun" with Snow and the single went on to become one of the top selling singles in Thailand. The video for "Fun, Fun, Fun" featured Snow and Joey Boy touring Toronto. In 1997, Joey Boy appeared on Snow's single, "Me and Joey." [2][3]

Gancore and the Black Eyed Peas[edit]

In 2000, he moved to GMM Grammy, where he runs his own record label, Gancore Club, and produces other artists.

He has spent time in the United States, where he became acquainted with of The Black Eyed Peas, who co-produced Joey Boy's song "LA to BKK". He met outside a disco in San Francisco, and introduced himself. "Hey you, we're Thai rappers and we like your songs," he recalls saying to[4] When the Black Eyed Peas came to Thailand in 2004, Joey Boy was the opening act and was invited onstage by during the Black Eyed Peas' show.[5] He also opened for the Black Eyed Peas when they played in Bangkok in 2006, and has continued to collaborate with the band on his albums.[6]

Joey Boy was among the Thai pop music artists participating in Ramakien: A Rak Opera, a rock-opera adaptation of Thailand's national epic, the Ramakien, at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in 2006.

He made his feature film debut in December 2006 in The Possible as the leader of a 1970s Thai band patterned after The Impossibles who time travel to the present day. Joey Boy starred in the 2012 Thai comedy horror film Ghost Day as Mhen.[7]

He then made a hit single "Teerak" featuring Tinglish.


Bakery Music[edit]

  • Joey Boy (1995)
  • Joey Man (1996)
  • See Ya Later (Celebrate No Million Copies) (1997)
  • Fun Fun Fun
  • Fun Fun Fun/The Chinese Association Remix Single
  • Fun Fun Fun 1,000,000
  • Joey's Hit Pt. 1
  • Bangkok (1998)
  • Tourist
  • Joey Boy Anthology
  • The Greatest Beats 1994-2000 (2005)

Independent releases[edit]

  • Joey Rama
  • JB (EP featuring "LA/BKK")

Gancore Club/GMM Grammy[edit]

  • Gancore Club Various Artists'
  • Sorry, I'm Happy
  • Raii Gor Ruk (ร้ายก็รัก EP) (EP, 2006)
  • The Best of Joey Boy
  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: The Possible (อัลบั้มเพลงประกอบภาพยนต์ 'เก๋า เก๋า' (2006)

Visit to the United States[edit]

Joey Boy came to the United States & performed in free concerts for 3 hours a day. The places he traveled to are:

Lowell, Massachusetts

San Jose, California

Stockton, California

Fremont, California

Long Beach, California

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

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