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John Curtin House Limited is a Canberra based holding company owned by the Australian Labor Party, named after John Curtin House, a building in Barton in Canberra which previously housed the headquarters of the Australian Labor Party. The building is in turn named after the World War II-era Prime Minister and ALP member for Fremantle 1928-1945, John Curtin.

In 2002-2003, John Curtin House gave $1,235,000 to the Australian Labor Party, making it the ALP's single largest donor.[1]

From 1992-2005, John Curtin House Limited was involved in a controversial scheme where the Australian National Audit Office paid above-market rent for premises at Centenary House, at a profit to the Labor Party.[2]

Critics say John Curtin House Limited exists as a front to hide the identities of donors to the Australian Labor Party.[3]

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