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John Reeger is a Chicago actor and playwright. He is married to Paula Scrofano and has two children, Adam and Alison Reeger.


Theatre at the Center[edit]

Drury Lane Theatre[edit]

The Marriott Theatre[edit]

His fifteen productions include:

Court Theatre[edit]

His thirty productions include:

Chicago Shakespeare Theater[edit]



  • The Ballad of Little Jo


The Christmas Schooner[edit]

With Julie Shannon creating the music and lyrics, John Reeger wrote The Christmas Schooner which premiered at Bailiwick Repertory Theatre and received the 1996 Chicago After Dark Award for outstanding new work. A twelve-year (as of 2006) continuing seasonal run has followed as well as a CD, and productions in the Midwest, Texas and California have also been successful.

Based on the true story of a Great Lakes Schooner captain who risks life and limb to transport fir trees from Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Chicago's German immigrants during the late 19th century.

Let the Eagle Fly[edit]

With Julie Shannon again creating the music and lyrics, John Reeger wrote Let the Eagle Fly, the story of Cesar Chavez.

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