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Industry Fashion
Founded 2005
Founder Joe Croft and Kristin Hunziker
Headquarters Costa Mesa, California, United States
Products Diaper bag, Laptop bag
Website www.ju-ju-be.com

Ju-Ju-Be is an American bags, wallet, purse and accessory company that was founded in 2005 by Joe Croft and Kristin Hunziker. The company is based in Costa Mesa, California. The brand is specialized in manufacturing diaper bags, handbags, laptop bags and related accessories.[1][2][3] The brand manufactures specially designed bags that are eco-friendly and helpful for parents with young kids.[4][5][6][7][8]

Joe and Kristin met at Oakley and worked together in the apparel and shoe departments.

Joe was thinking of starting up a bag company, but had no idea that it was going to be diaper bags. He and Kristin got to talking and thought they could add quite a bit of expertise to the diaper bag industry. A friend of his introduced him to the top management for Babystyle and private label bags were going to be made for them as a side project. One thing led to another and Ju-Ju-Be turned into a big deal.

Current Styles


HoboBe, BFF, Be Classy, Be Sporty, Be Right Back 2.0, Be Prepared, MiniBe 3.0, Helix, BeLight 2.0, Super Be, Starlet, Superstar, Itty Bitty Be


Be Quick, Be Set 2.0, Be Organized, Fuel Cell, Be Ready, Mega Tech, Micro Tech


Be Neat, Paci Pod, Messenger Strap, Backpack Straps, Be Connected, Changing Pad


Be Charged, Be Rich 2.0, Be Spendy

Discontinued Styles


MiniBe 1.0, Be Hip, Be Small, Between, Behave, PackaBe, Limited Be Unique Be All, Be All, Better Be, Be Smart, Be Spicy, Be Fabulous, Be Right Back 1.0, EL Be Prepared, WannaBe, Be Light 1.0, BeBop, Mighty Be, GigaBe, MicraBe, Be Changed


Be Set 1.0, Wardrobe Station, Belicious, Mess Shuttle, Space Station


Original Paci Pod, Be Tagged, Bottle Rocket, Sippy Rocket, Brag Book, Be Shady, Snack Capsule, Light Changing Pad


Business Be, Be Thrifty, Be Rich 1.0, Be Major, Be Mine, CheckaBe

Print Timeline

Classic Collection

(2005) Perky Perennials, Lush Paisley, Sassy Stripes,

(2006) Blue Bouquet, Sienna Swirls, Sporty Stripes, Black, Brown,

(2007) Citrus Sorbet, Tiki Toffee, Purple Paisley

(2008) Mint Julep, Groovy Garden, Cinnamon Champagne, Lotus Lullaby, Drip Drops, Midnight Eclipse, Julia's Ribbons

(2009) Cherry Lemonade, Zany Zinnias, Navy Berry, Cloud Break, Champagne Bubbles, Houndstooth, Leopard Bubblegum, Sangria Sunset

(2010) Dizzy Daisies, Marvelous Mums, Shadow Waltz, Pretty Tweet, Slate, Timber

(2011) Cobalt Blossoms, Fuchsia Blossoms, Onyx Blossoms, Evening Vines, Morning Vines, Jungle Maze, Safari Stripes, JuJuBerry Squares, Choco Cha Cha

(2012) Bashful Begonias, Blush Frosting, Powder Icing, Sweethearts, Coral Kiss, Sea Glass, Stargyle, Black Cherry Twirl, Dreamy Diamonds, Licorice Twirl

(2013) Crimson Kaleidoscope, Perfect Paisley, Pink Pinwheel, Royal Envy, Early Sunrise, Mint Chip, Charcoal Roses, Mister Gray, Platinum Petals, Scarlet Petals, Ziggy Zag, Lilac Lace

(2014) Flower Power, Sapphire Lace, Silver Ice, Pixie Dust, Mystic Mani, Syrah Syrah, Magic Merlot

(2015) Moonbeam, Perky Perennials (10 year), Frosted Blossoms, Olive Juice, Pinky Swear, Dancing Dahlias

(2016) Blooming Romance, Dandy Lines, Sweet Scarlet

Legacy Collection

(2010) Black Earth Leather, Brown Earth Leather

(2011) Steel Earth Leather, Vanilla Earth Leather

(2014) Queen of the Nile, Duchess, First Lady, Marquess

(2015) Countess, Monarch, Empress, Queen of the Jungle, Queen Be

(2016) Imperial Princess, Heiress, Royal Garden

(2017) Versailles

Nautical Collection

(2015) Admiral, Commodore, First Mate

(2016) Navigator

Onyx Collection

(2016) Black Diamonds, Black Beauty, Black Magic, Black Out, Black Widow, Black Ops

(2018) Black Matrix


(2016) Chrome

Coastal Collection

(2017) Nantucket, Newport, Palm Beach, Providence, Coney Island

Tokidoki Collaboration

(2012) Iconic, Tokidoki Dreams

(2013) Toki Perky, Farfalle, Fairytella, Unikiki

(2014) Animalini, Sea Amo, Bubble Trouble, King's Court

(2015) Perky Toki, Dream World

(2016) Space Place, Donutella's Sweet Shop, Kaiju City, Unikiki 2.0

(2017) Super Toki, Sweet Victory, Sea Punk, Tokipops

Hello Kitty Collaboration

(2014) Tick Tock, Lucky Stars, Hello Skates

(2015) Peek A Bow, Strawberry Stripes, Hello Perky, Dreamworld

(2016) Out To Sea

Sanrio Collaboration

(2016) Hello Sanrio

(2017) Hello Friends

Accessories Only

(2005) Silver/Blue, Silver/Pink

(2011) Pink Lady Quick


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