Judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's +100 kg

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These are the results of the men's +100 kg (also known as heavyweight) competition in judo at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. A total of 33 men competed in this event, limited to jūdōka whose body weight was more than 100 kilograms. Competition took place in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on 22 September.


Gold David Douillet
Silver Shinichi Shinohara
Bronze Indrek Pertelson
Bronze Tamerlan Tmenov


Athlete Nation
Dennis van der Geest  Netherlands
Tamerlan Tmenov  Russia
Seyed Mahmoudreza Miran  Iran
Frank Möller  Germany
Orlando Baccino  Argentina
Imre Csösz  Hungary
Pan Song  China
Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene  Mongolia
José Vásquez  Dominican Republic
Vyacheslav Berduta  Kazakhstan
Shinichi Shinohara  Japan
Ruslan Sharapov  Belarus
Rafał Kubacki  Poland
Valentyn Ruslyakov  Ukraine
Nacanieli Qerewaqa  Fiji
Ángel Sánchez  Cuba
Ernesto Pérez  Spain
Ahmed Baly  Egypt
Indrek Pertelson  Estonia
Steeve Nguema Ndong  Gabon
Mohamed Bouaichaoui  Algeria
Daniel Hernandes  Brazil
Gabriel Munteanu  Romania
Petr Jákl  Czech Republic
Douglas Cardozo  Venezuela |RD1-score=O
David Douillet  France
Selim Tataroğlu  Turkey
Alexander Davitashvili  Georgia
Abdullo Tangriev  Uzbekistan
Robert Ball  Australia
Harry Van Barneveld  Belgium
Ko Kyung-Doo  South Korea

Tournament results[edit]

First round[edit]

As there were more than 32 qualifiers for the tournament, one first round match was held to reduce the field to 32 judoka.

Main bracket[edit]

The gold and silver medalists were determined by the final match of the main single-elimination bracket.

Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Gold medal final
 van der Geest (NED) L  
 Tmenov (RUS) W      Tmenov (RUS) W  
 Miran (IRI) L    Möller (GER) L  
 Möller (GER) W        Tmenov (RUS) W  
 Baccino (ARG) W        Pan (CHN) L  
 Csösz (HUN) L      Baccino (ARG) L
 Pan (CHN) W    Pan (CHN) W  
 Bat-Erdene (MGL) L        Tmenov (RUS) L  
 Vásquez (DOM) L        Shinohara (JPN) W  
 Berduta (KAZ) W      Berduta (KAZ) L  
 Shinohara (JPN) W    Shinohara (JPN) W  
 Sharapov (BLR) L        Shinohara (JPN) W
 Kubacki (POL) L        Sánchez (CUB) L  
 Ruslyakov (UKR) W      Ruslyakov (UKR) L
 Qerawaqa (FIJ) L    Sánchez (CUB) W  
 Sánchez (CUB) W        Shinohara (JPN) L
 Pérez (ESP) W        Douillet (FRA) W
 Baly (EGY) L      Pérez (ESP) L  
 Pertelson (EST) W    Pertelson (EST) W  
 Nguema Ndong (GAB) L        Pertelson (EST) W  
 Bouaichaoui (ALG) L        Hernandes (BRA) L  
 Hernandes (BRA) W      Hernandes (BRA) W
 Munteanu (ROU) L    Jákl (CZE) L  
 Jákl (CZE) W        Pertelson (EST) L
 Cardozo (VEN) O        Douillet (FRA) W  
 Douillet (FRA) W      Douillet (FRA) W  
 Tataroğlu (TUR) W    Tataroğlu (TUR) L  
 Davitashvili (GEO) L        Douillet (FRA) W
 Tangriev (UZB) W        Van Barneveld (BEL) L  
 Ball (AUS) L      Tangriev (UZB) L
 Van Barneveld (BEL) W    Van Barneveld (BEL) W  
 Ko (KOR) L  


The losing semifinalists as well as those judoka eliminated in earlier rounds by the four semifinalists of the main bracket advanced to the repechage. These matches determined the two bronze medalists for the event.

First round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze medal finals
     van der Geest (NED) L        Sharapov (BLR) L
 van der Geest (NED) W      Pan (CHN) W          Pertelson (EST) W
 Möller (GER) L        Pan (CHN) L
     Sharapov (BLR) W  
     Sharapov (BLR) W
 Sharapov (BLR) W      Sánchez (CUB) L  
 Berduta (KAZ) L  
     Pérez (ESP) W        Tataroğlu (TUR) L
 Nguema Ndong (GAB) L      Hernandes (BRA) L          Tmenov (RUS) W
 Pérez (ESP) W        Pérez (ESP) L
     Tataroğlu (TUR) W  
     Tataroğlu (TUR) W
- -      Van Barneveld (BEL) L  
- -