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Birth nameTerry Parker
OriginChicago, U.S.
GenresAlternative hip hop
Underground hip hop
Freestyle rap
Years active1993–present

Terry Parker, better known by his stage name Juice (usually styled J.U.I.C.E.), is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois.


Growing up, Juice spent the first four years of his life in Chicago, Illinois, before moving to California. At age 20, he returned to live in Chicago after high school, but now[when?] resides back in California. After an upcoming in the freestyle battle circuit, he is often said to be one of if not the best freestyle battle rappers of all time.[1] Juice had an undefeated streak, which is rare for any battle rapper, for most of his battle rap career before losing to Supernatural, a freestyle pioneer.[2] He has defeated other notable artists in battles such as Rhymefest, Dose One, and Eminem, which is one of the most famous rap battles in hip hop history.[3] Afterwards, he solidified his improvisational credentials on The Wake Up Show (official website) with Sway and King Tech as well as freestyling at every performance as part of the act.[4]

Juice is also known for being featured in the track "The KGB" with the underground hip hop group Binary Star on their critically acclaimed album Masters of the Universe in 2000.[5] His battle with fellow freestyler Supernat was featured in the documentary Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme.

By 2007, he had a six-piece live band called, "Juice and the Machine", who released a DVD, Juice And The Machine: Live At The Party, of their first live performance.[2][6]


Albums[citation needed][edit]

  • Wine of Life (1994)
  • 100% J.U.I.C.E. (2001)
  • A Self Titles Offering (2001)
  • All Lit Up (2002)
  • Listen2thaWerds (2003)
  • The Ride (2003)
  • Tip of The Iceberg (2003)
  • I Don't Give A F#!K (2004)
  • The Sunrise (Bullet Presents) (2004)
  • 100% Concentration (2005)
  • All Bets Off (2005)
  • Hey Buddy! (Live) (2005)
  • In Retrospect (2005)
  • ARTofficial (2008)
  • What Would Katmanndu (2008)
  • New Money (2008)
  • e-motions (2009)
  • Truth Lies in Music (2009)
  • Nine Nineteen (2011)
  • Guitar Sounds of The Beatles (2012)
  • The Iceberg Chronicles (2012)
  • Am I Just Kidding or Not (2015)
  • Hiphopium 3 (2015)
  • Hit the Ground Running (2015)
  • Mix It (2015)
  • Bar'd Up (2016)[7]
  • City Tales (2016)
  • College Freshman (2016)
  • Until the Post Interview (2016)
  • Post Interview (2017)
  • No Days Off (2017)
  • Punch (2017)
  • The Incubation (2017)
  • The Way I See It (2017)

Singles, EPs[8][edit]

  • Unrational / Root Of All (1997)
  • The Man (1998)
  • From the Heart (2000)
  • Sincerely (2000)
  • Fuckin' Wit My Team?! (2000)
  • In the Trenches (2001)
  • Session 1 (2001)
  • Ill Hip Hop (2004)
  • Coronation (2004)
  • All Bets Off / What Up (2005)
  • Pressure / Monday Night (Unknown)
  • Pajama-Jammy-Jam - EP (2015)
  • Fuck Tha Rap Game (2017)
  • The JustinCredible Effect (2017)

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