Nevado Juncal

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Nevado Juncal
Juncal from Col des Libérateurs.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 6,110 m (20,050 ft)
Listing Region high point
Coordinates 33°02′25″S 70°05′01″W / 33.04028°S 70.08361°W / -33.04028; -70.08361Coordinates: 33°02′25″S 70°05′01″W / 33.04028°S 70.08361°W / -33.04028; -70.08361
Nevado Juncal is located in Argentina
Nevado Juncal
Nevado Juncal
Location in Argentina, on the border with Chile
Location Chile / Argentina
Parent range Andes
First ascent 1911
Federico Reichert, Robert Helbling and Damasio Beíza
Juncal Sur Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Chile
Juncal Norte Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Chile

Nevado Juncal is a mountain in located at the head of Aconcagua Valley on the border between Chile and Argentina. The mountain hosts several glaciers including Juncal Norte and Juncal Sur Glacier.


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