Junior Bake Off (series 5)

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Junior Bake Off (series 5)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original networkChannel 4
Original release4 November 2019 (2019-11-04) –
Series chronology
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Series 4

The fifth series of Junior Bake Off began 4 November 2019, with twenty contestants competing to be crowned the series 5 winner. Harry Hill presents the show, with Liam Charles and Prue Leith as judges this year.[1]


Baker Age Hometown
Aleena 15 Manchester
Amal 13 Essex
Bakr 15 Derby
Dru 15 London
Eliza 14 North Yorkshire
Fin 13 Manchester
George 11 Devonshire
Jaya 10 Solihull
Karina 13 West Yorkshire
Kian 13 Hull
Lorien 9 London
Maddie 11 London
Oliver 10 Northampton
Sam 9 Berkshire
Tilly 9 Bath
Tom O 15 Gloucestershire
Tom W 13 Falmouth
Vaughan 13 Hartlepool
Zak 13 Hertfordshire
Zoe 10 Nottingham


     Baker eliminated
     Star Baker

Episode 1: Cake[edit]

Contestant Technical
(English Madeleines)
Showstopper Challenge
(Cake related to your favourite school subject)
Aleena 7th Brain Cake
Amal 1st Caketionary
Bakr 3rd Team PB
George 9th A Stage of my Life
Maddie 5th I Love P.E
Oliver 2nd Lemon and Lime Art-astic Suprise Cake
Tilly 4th Mint Choc Chip Microphone Cake
Vaughan 8th Motherboard of all Cakes
Zak 6th Rainforest Victoria Sponge
Zoe 10th Mondrian Arty Party Cake
  • No bakers were eliminated on this day however the next day there will be a double elimination

Episode 2: Biscuits[edit]

Contestant Technical
(6 Viennese Whirls)
Showstopper Challenge
(12 Illusion Biscuits based on the baker's favourite food)
Aleena 2nd Bellisimo
Amal 5th Breakfast in Bed
Bakr 1st Lunchbox Biscuits
George 9th Cheesy Biscuits
Maddie 6th Sweet Sushi Suprise
Oliver 10th Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas
Tilly 7th Pizza, Pasta and Gelato
Vaughan 3rd Cinema Surprise Cookies
Zak 4th Gingerbread Pizza
Zoe 8th Chips and Dips Biscuits

Episode 3: Bread[edit]

Contestant Technical
(8 Cinnamon Buns)
Showstopper Challenge
(Baker's Dream Job in Bread Form)
Aleena 1st Daydreams and Ice Creams
Amal 8th Bread Around The World
Bakr 3rd Lebanese Lunch in the Shape of an Aeroplane
Maddie 2nd Who Wants To Buy My Cookbooks?
Tilly 4th Community Church
Vaughan 6th Come Fly with V
Zak 5th Bread Wedding Cake
Zoe 7th Baking School

Episode 4: Desserts[edit]

Contestant Technical
(4 Pancake art Prue Pancakes)
Showstopper Challenge
(A Franken-Dessert)
Aleena 1st Gulab Jaman Crème Brûlée
Amal 5th Eton Mess Cheesecake
Bakr 3rd The Eye
Maddie 4th Nutty Pavlownie
Tilly 2nd Lemon Mereacle Pie
Vaughan 7th Brownie Key Lime Pie
Zoe 6th Eton Mess Pancake Stack

Episode 5: Pastries[edit]

Contestant Technical
(3 Vegetarian sausage rolls)
Showstopper Challenge
(12 choux animals)
Aleena 4th Swans and Peacocks
Amal 6th Choux Dogs and Penguins
Bakr 5th Current Climate
Maddie 1st Pigs and Chicks
Tilly 2nd Choux Bees and Hedgehogs
Vaughan 3rd Turtles and Koalas

Episode 6: Cake[edit]

Contestant Technical
(Peanut Butter and Chocolate swirl cake)
Showstopper Challenge
(Cake dedicated to their family)
Dru 1st Vanilla Bean Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting
Eliza 2nd Swiss Mountain Cake
Fin 6th Dad's Magic BBQ
Jaya 9th How's That? Chocolate Cricket Cake
Karina 8th Scrummy Yummy Picnic Cake
Kian 4th Cake-Alicious Weekend
Lorien 7th Raised Garden Bed
Sam 10th Triplet Climbing Cake
Tom O 3rd Floating Along Cake
Tom W 5th Bodmin Moor Mountain Cake
  • No bakers were eliminated on this day however the next day there will be a double elimination

Episode 7: Biscuits[edit]

Contestant Technical
(Party rings)
Showstopper Challenge
(Best Day Ever Biscuit Scene)
Dru 5th Sisters Flying High Biscuit Picture
Eliza 4th Sleding in Scarborough Biscuit Picture
Fin 2nd My Best Holiday Biscuit Picture
Jaya 6th Bollywood Blockbuster Biscuit Picture
Karina 1st Ninja Gingerbread and Shortbread Sparring Session
Kian 8th Beach-scout Day Out Picture
Lorien 9th Swimming with Fish Biscuit Picture
Sam 10th Hamster Exstravaganza Biscuit Picture
Tom O 3rd A Fabulous Feast in Venice Biscuit Picture
Tom W 7th Big Dive Biscuit Picture

Episode 8: Bread[edit]

Contestant Technical
(Maple Syrup Scones with Eggs and Bacon)
Showstopper Challenge
(Sweet Bread Centerpiece Relating to the Baker's Favourite Hobby)
Eliza 1st Fancy Fish Bread
Fin 3rd Helping Hands
Jaya 8th Swimming Spiced Painted Loaf
Karina 4th Wimbledon Tournament
Kian 6th Portbread Masterpiece
Lorien 7th Ballet Shoes
Tom O 5th Tasty Camera
Tom W 2nd Cinnamon and Raisin Gaming Console and Controllers

Episode 9: Desserts[edit]