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Justinmind Prototyping Tool
Stable release
7 / December 10, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-12-10)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X
Available inEnglish

Justinmind Prototyping tool is an authoring tool for web and mobile app prototypes and high-fidelity website wireframes. It offers capabilities typically found in diagramming tools like drag and drop placement, re-sizing, formatting and export/import of widgets. In addition, it has features for annotating widgets and defining interactions such as linking, animations, conditional linking, calculations, simulating tab controls, show/hide elements and database simulation with real data. There is support for high-fidelity simulation of Rich Internet Applications, and app prototypes can be simulated on the actual devices too, thanks to Justinmind app.[1] Justinmind can generate HTML prototypes that can be displayed in any browser, and Microsoft Word specification documents.[2]

High-fidelity Prototyping[edit]

The program creates high-fidelity prototypes, a step before the first version of a mobile app or website. The prototype can be used for show reels and testing purposes. Justinmind can be used to create interactive prototypes and simulations of webs and mobile apps without any coding, thus allowing non-programmers to be involved in the project.

Usability testing[edit]

It can be used for remote testing using Justinmind Online Platform,[3] which allows users to navigate through the prototype remotely. Users can also create comments over specific elements in the prototype in order to give their feedback. The application also supports the integration of analytic tools like Google Analytics, WebTrends, ClickTale, UserTesting and others to conduct real-time remote testing.


In 2012, Justinmind was awarded with the Best Application Award at the EclipseCon 2012 [4]

In 2011, Justinmind was awarded the second prize of the Eclipse Community Award at the EclipseCon 2011 in Santa Fe, California.[5]

It has been nominated for the Epsilon Award 2010. Later it won the fifth place of the award.[6]


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