Kłodzko Valley

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Location of Kłodzko Valley
Kłodzko Valley

The Kłodzko Valley (Polish: Kotlina Kłodzka, Czech: Kladská kotlina, German: Glatzer Kessel) is a cirque of the Sudetes mountain range in Kłodzko County, south-western Poland, close to the border with the Czech Republic.

It is traversed by the upper Nysa Kłodzka river running from south to north and surrounded by the Table Mountains, Bardzkie Mountains and Bystrzyckie Mountains of the Central Sudetes in the west as well as by the Śnieżnik Mountains, Golden Mountains and Owl Mountains of the Eastern Sudetes in the east. The mountain passes of Kudowa in the west and of Międzylesie in the south lead to Bohemia. In the northwest the Nysa river passes through the Bardzkie Mountains to Bardo in Lower Silesia. The major towns of the valley are Kłodzko, Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Nowa Ruda.

The valley is the central area of the former County of Kladsko and today a popular tourist region both in summer and winter, with numerous hotels and sanatoria.

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Coordinates: 50°15′N 16°40′E / 50.250°N 16.667°E / 50.250; 16.667