KC Masterpiece

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KC Masterpiece
Product type barbecue sauce
Owner Clorox
Country  United States
Markets world
Previous owners 1977 - Rich Davis
Website http://www.kcmasterpiece.com/

KC Masterpiece is a barbecue sauce which is marketed by the HV Food Products Company, which is a subsidiary of the Clorox Company.[1][2]


The sauce was test marketed by Rich Davis, who was a child psychiatrist, in 1977 in Kansas City, Missouri as K.C. Soul Style Barbecue Sauce.[citation needed] The sauce, which originally started with only five ingredients, sold more than 3,000 cases.[citation needed] Davis renamed it KC Masterpiece.[citation needed] During this same time, he also test marketed Muschup (a combination of ketchup and mustard) and Dilled Muschup.[citation needed]

In 1986 he sold the sauce to the Kingsford charcoal division of the Clorox company, which took the barbecue sauce nationwide.[citation needed] He retained rights to use the sauce at restaurants he was to develop.[citation needed] Of the five restaurants opened, none remain in business.[3]


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