Piráti Chomutov

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Piráti Chomutov
Piráti Chomutov logo.svg
City Chomutov, Czech Republic
League Czech Extraliga
Founded 1945 (1945)
Home arena SD aréna

Blue & White & Red

Head coach Czech Republic Vladimir Růžička

Piráti Chomutov is a Czech ice hockey team from Chomutov, Czech Republic. Established as ČSK Chomutov in 1945, the team has played in Chomutov through numerous team name changes and elevations/relegations in the Czechoslovakian and Czech hockey leagues. As of the 2015–16 season, Piráti Chomutov plays in the top-level Czech Extraliga. Their home arena is the SD aréna.


The club was established in 1945 as ČSK Chomutov.

In the 1950/1951 season, playing as Sokol Hutě, the team was promoted to the Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League, where they played until the 1963/1964 season.

In 1967, as VTŽ Chomutov, the team was promoted to the highest league again but was relegated the very next year. In 1984 the club was demoted to the third level of hockey in Czechoslovakian hockey, the Second National Hockey League.

In 1997, as KLH Chomutov, the club bought the license in the First National Hockey League (FNHL) from HC Slovan Ústečtí Lvi.

After winning the league in the 2011–12 FNHL season, Piráti Chomutov returned to the top-level league Czech Extraliga. During the play-outs in the 2013-14 season Piráti Chomutov lost and returned to the First National Hockey League. Season 2014/2015 in FNHL was one of the most successful in history. Pirati Chomutov became a winner and after play off returned to the top-level league (season 2015/2016).

1956 airplane disaster[edit]

On 11 November 1956, while the team was operating under the name TJ Baník Chomutov ZJF, some members of the team were involved in a fatal airplane accident. A Czechoslovak Airlines flight, on an Ilyushin Il-12B aircraft, crashed near Eglisau, Switzerland. Three players, two top club officials and a reporter were among others on board the scheduled flight from Zurich to Prague, which crashed in fields after an engine failure. All on board perished.[1][2]

Current Players[edit]

Roster for 2015/2016.

Position # Name Came from Acquired
G 72 Czech Republic Jakub Čech STS Sanok 2015
G 72 Czech Republic Miroslav Hanuljak KLH Chomutov 2010
G 1 Czech Republic Miroslav Kopřiva HC Slovan Bratislava 2014
G 34 Slovenia Robert Kristan HC Pardubice 2015
G 2 Czech Republic Jan Strmen HC Havirov 2011
D 24 Czech Republic Lukáš Bláha Academy -
D 91 Czech Republic Ondřej Dlapa HC Kometa Brno 2015
D 22 Czech Republic Jiří Drtina HC Karlovy Vary 2014
D 26 Slovakia Tomáš Harant HC Karlovy Vary 2015
D 3 Slovakia Adam Jánošík HC Kosice 2015
D 28 Slovakia Aleš Kranjc Södertälje SK 2015
D 96 Czech Republic Jaroslav Mrázek HC Sparta Praha 2011
D 38 Russia Sergei Peretyagin Vityaz Podolsk 2015
D 28 Latvia Jekabs Redlihs HC Karlovy Vary 2015
D 90 Czech Republic Jan Rutta KLH Chomutov 2011
D 96 Czech Republic David Růžička HC Kladno 2015
D 12 Czech Republic Martin Rýgl Bili Tygri Liberec 2012
D 74 Czech Republic Petr Šidlík HC Dukla Jihlava 2015
D 44 Canada Erik Hrna Rockford IceHogs 2014
D 17 Czech Republic Šimon Szathmáry KLH Chomutov 2015
D 21 Czech Republic Dominik Tejnor KLH Chomutov 2014
D 16 Czech Republic Jakub Trefný Sportovní Klub Kadaň 2012
D 16 Slovakia Juraj Valach HC Slovan Bratislava 2015
F 10 Czech Republic Roman Červenka SKA St. Petersburg 2015
F 71 Czech Republic Roman Chlouba KLH Chomutov 2012
F 29 Czech Republic Jakub Chrpa Academy -
F 43 Czech Republic Antonín Dušek Bili Tygri Liberec 2014
F 84 Czech Republic Nicolas Hlava KLH Chomutov 2013
F 25 Slovakia Marek Hovorka HC Sparta Praha 2014
F 31 Czech Republic Štěpán Hřebejk KLH Chomutov 2011
F 97 Czech Republic David Kaše KLH Chomutov 2011
F 48 Czech Republic Vojtěch Kubinčák HC Litvinov 2012
F 57 Czech Republic David Květoň BK Mlada Boleslav 2014
F 55 Czech Republic Lukáš Květoň HK Hradec Kralove 2014
F 11 Czech Republic David Kämpf KLH Chomutov 2012
F 20 Czech Republic Tomáš Pospíšil HK Hradec Kralove 2015
F 5 Czech Republic Marek Račuk KLH Chomutov 2011
F 89 Czech Republic Vladimír Růžička HC Slavia Praha 2014
F 88 Czech Republic Jakub Sklenář HC Slavia Praha 2015
F 48 Czech Republic David Stach HC Kladno 2015
F 14 Czech Republic Marek Tomica HC Slavia Praha 2015
F 33 Czech Republic Radek Veselý Academy -
F 82 Czech Republic Michal Vondrka HC Sparta Praha 2015
F 85 Slovakia Peter Ölvecký HC Vitkovice 2015

Club names[edit]

  • 1945 - ČSK Chomutov
  • 1949 - ZJS spojené ocelárny
  • 1951 - Sokol Hutě
  • 1953 - TJ Baník Chomutov ZJF
  • 1958 - Baník VTŽ Chomutov
  • 1960 - VTŽ Chomutov
  • 1991 - Klub ledního hokeje VT VTJ Chomutov
  • 1996 - KLH Chomutov
  • 2011 - Piráti Chomutov

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