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Kaiketsu Noutenki (快傑のーてんき, Kaiketsu Nōtenki), is a series of tokusatsu fan film parodies produced by Daicon Films (now Gainax). A parody of the 1977 Toei superhero show Kaiketsu Zubat (created by Shotaro Ishinomori), the title hero of this series has the same exact alter-ego, Ken Hayakawa, only he is comically fat fanboyish young man wearing the same exact gringo cowboy attire! As Noutenki, Ken Hayakawa is decked out in a pink & red jumpsuit (with a "no"/の on the chest), fixed navy blue galoshes, blue gloves, white hood and yellow crash helmet fixed with a diddlybopper. He rides a fixed scooter.

Ken Hayakawa/Noutenki is played by Yasuhiro Takeda, who also produced this series, and went on to produce many of Daicon/Gainax's projects.

"Noutenki" is the Japanese word for "scatterbrain".

Bloopers/Outtakes (especially with the special effects sequences) are shown during the closing credits of each episode (and consequently, the credits sometimes deliberately went almost out of focus!).


  • Kaiketsu Noutenki (快傑のうてんき) August 1982, 15 minutes, video
    • Episode Title: "Watch Out, Young Woman - A Mistress' Fear" (危うし少女、メカケの恐怖 - Ayaushi Shǒjo, Mekake no Kyǒfu)
  • Kaiketsu Nōtenki 2 - Pure Love in Minato City (快傑の-てんき2 純愛港町篇 - Kaiketsu Nōtenki 2 - Junai Minato-cho Hen) March 1984, ? minutes, 8 mm
  • Kaiketsu Nōtenki in USA (快傑の-てんき in USA) June 1984, 4 minutes, video
  • Roleplaying Nōtenki in Seoul (ロールプレイングの-てんき in ソウル) August 1988, video