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Kampilya was the Capital of the Panchala Kingdom ruled by Drupada during Mahabharata period. It is mentioned in Mahabharata that when Pandavas were in exile and staying at place called Ekachakra (Etawah, Uttar Pradesh), they came to know that Drupada, King of Panchala, had announced the Swayamvara of his daughter Draupadi. Then they came to Kampilya (Kampil, Uttar Pradesh), the capital of Drupada.


Previously called by the names Kampilya and Makandi, the history of Kampilaji dates back to the times of Bhagawan Vimalanatha. The four Kalyanas of Bhagwan vimalanatha Chayavan, birth, diksha and omniscience have taken place here. It is also the birthplace of king Harisen of the Ikshvaku dynasty. It was the capital of king Drupad who ruled this place during the period of Bhagawan Neminatha. Many remains found during the excavation work indicate that there were many Jain temples at this place. But now this place is being transformed into a small village. This is also the birthplace of Sati Draupadi among the 16 sati. The deities at this place are said to belong to the Guptan period.


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