Kampong Java Tunnel

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Coordinates: 1°18′29″N 103°50′30″E / 1.30806°N 103.84167°E / 1.30806; 103.84167

Kampong Java Tunnel
Kampong Java Tunnel.JPG
Kampong Java Tunnel at the Central Expressway exit 5 at Cairnhill Circle.
Location Singapore
Status Operational
Route Central Expressway
Work begun 1989
Constructed Public Works Department of Singapore (PWD)
Opened 1991
Owner Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Operator Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Length 700 m (766 yards)
Operating speed 90 km/h (55.9 mph)

Kampong Java Tunnel (Malay: Terowong Kampung Jawa, Chinese: 甘榜爪哇遂道; pinyin: Gānbǎng Zhuǎwā Suìdào) is one of the two tunnels of the Central Expressway. It is located in the central part of Singapore; it starts before the exit of Cairnhill Circle and Clemenceau Avenue North (Exit 5) and ends at the exit of Bukit Timah Road (Exit 6). The tunnel runs alongside Cavenagh Road and, after passing the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Cavenagh Road, becomes an above ground expressway on Kampong Java Flyover. Before entering the tunnel towards the south, there is an exit to Bukit Timah Road via Cavenagh Road. After leaving the tunnel (northbound), there is an exit from the Bukit Timah Road exit.[1]

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