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Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion
Karmiotissa FC.png
Full name Karmiotissa Pano polemidion
Καρμιώτισσα Πάνω Πολεμιδιών
Founded 1979
Ground GSZ Stadium, Larnaca, Cyprus
Chairman Demetris Vrachimis
Manager Marios Neophytou
League Cypriot Second Division
2016–17 First Division, 12th (relegated)

Karmiotissa Pano Polemidia (Greek: Καρμιώτισσα Πάνω Πολεμιδιών) is a Cypriot football club based in Pano Polemidia, Limassol. As of 2016 the team competed in the First Division for one season, where it played for the first time in its history, but was relegated. The club colors are red and white. The home ground of the football team is the Community Stadium of Pano Polemidia.[1]


Karmiotissa was founded in 1979 and played mostly in the championships of STOK.[2] The club has appeared 2 times in national divisions in 1986–87 and 2009–10 and two times in the Fourth Division. The club's name comes from the chapel of Virgin Mary Karmiotissa located in Pano Polemidia.[2] In 2009, Karmiotissa played in the championships of STOK and won its promotion to Cypriot Fourth Division by winning Enosi Neon Ypsona 4–0 in the last match, returning after years in the Cyprus Football Association's leagues.[3] During the same season, Karmiotissa won the cup of STOK while lost 2–1 from THOI Monagriou in the final of the cup winners of STOK.[4]

In the 2009–10 season, competing in the fourth division, the club finished in the 8th place of the league and gained its participation in the league for the next season. In the 2010–11 season, the club ranked 4th just only one point away from the third place which secures the promotion to the third division, achievement which succeeded following season by finishing in the second place of the league.[2] The promotion to the third division followed the promotion to the second division, after Karmiotissa finished in the first place of the league and together conquered the championship.[5] However, for the season 2013–14 it had been pre-decided to separate the second division into two groups, resulting Karmiotissa to participate in group B2, with B1 group being the next higher level and not the first division.[6][7] For that season the club awarded from Cyprus Football Association as moral club in the Cypriot Third Division.[8]

The next year, participating in B2 group, the club won the championship and the same time the participation in the B1 group.[9][10][11] However, the CFA decided the consolidation of the two groups and the restoration of second Division in a single one for the season 2014–15. Karmiotissa ranked in the fifth place which is the highest in its history.[12] In addition, the club reached the quarter finals of the Cypriot Cup 2014–15 in which eliminated from AC Omonia.[13]

The progress of Karmiotissa in CFA competitions
Season Championship Cup
Division Place Teams Matches Wins Draws Losses Goals Points Competition Phase
For Against
2009–10[14] D' 8 15 28 11 6 11 46 53 39 Lower Divisions' Cup Second phase[15]
2010–11[16] D' 4 14 26 13 5 8 49 36 44 Not participated.[17]
2011–12[18] D' 2Green-Up-Arrow.svg 15 28 17 6 5 60 22 57 Not participated.[19]
2012–13[20] C' 1Green-Up-Arrow.svg 14 26 17 5 4 49 19 56 Not participated.[21]
2013–14[22] Β2 1Green-Up-Arrow.svg 8 28 17 7 4 55 23 58 Cypriot Cup First phase[23]
2014–15[12] B' 5 14 26 12 2 12 36 29 38 Cypriot Cup Quarter-finals[13]
Awarded points: Win=3 points, Draw=1 point, Loss=0 points

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
3 Cyprus DF Sotiris Vasiliou (on loan from AEL Limassol)
5 Greece DF Vassilios Apostolopoulos
7 Cyprus FW Elias Vattis
8 Spain MF Pablo Suárez
9 Cyprus FW Stamatis Pantos
10 Cyprus MF Andreas Kyriakou (Captain)
11 Cyprus FW Savvas Kyprou
13 Cyprus MF Charalambos Chadjicharalambous
14 Cyprus MF Alkiviadis Christofi
17 Cyprus MF Constantinos Demetriou
18 Venezuela MF Rubén Arocha
No. Position Player
19 Cyprus GK Charalambos Kairinos
20 Cyprus MF Andreas Neofytou (on loan from AEL Limassol)
22 Cyprus MF Andreas Kyriakou
24 Cyprus DF Kleanthis Pieri
30 Cyprus DF Theodoros Andronikou
33 Cyprus FW Valentinos Pastellis
26 Brazil GK Edmar
89 Cyprus DF Pantelis Pitsillos
90 Cyprus GK Ioannis Pieri
99 Zimbabwe FW Musawengosi Mguni

For recent transfers see List of Cypriot football transfers summer 2017




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