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Karol Jabłoński (born August 25, 1962 in Giżycko, Poland) Polish regatta helmsman, skipper, ice sailor. One of the most versatile sailors, succeeded in sea sailing, match racing and ice sailing. Several time World and European champion. Recognised in the international sailing environment, participating in international regattas. Started his career in the Baza Mrągowo sailing club, current representative of Olsztyn Sailing Club.

Sailing career[edit]

His early career began on the lake in Tałty. In 2007, as the first Polish skipper, competed in prestigious regatta – America’s Cup. In the 2007 America's Cup in Valencia he was the helmsman of the host team Desafío Español and placed 3rd in the challenger regatta 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup. In 2007 was the helmsman at United Internet Germany which was preparing for the 33rd America’s Cup.

In the years 2009–2010 the helmsman of Team Synergy, succeeding with the Russian team in the Louis Vuitton Trophy.

In 2002 won the ISAF Open Match Racing World Championship with Polish crew and went on to lead the ISAF ranking during 18 months of record streak. In years 2001–2002 he was the skipper of “Polska 1” team planning to start in the America’s Cup.

A multiple medallist different sea sailing yacht classes and winner of various international regatta in the following yacht classes:

· One Tone,

· 50’,

· Mumm 36,

· ILC 46,

· ILC 40,

· Sydney 40,

· Wally and Swan

· TP52

Winner of i.a. Admiral’s Cup, Commodores’ Cup, Copa del Rey, Kiel Week, Sardinias Cup, SORC, Palmavella, Zegna Trophy. In Atlanta 1996 he was the consultant coach of the Polish Olympic team and had a share in the gold medal of Mateusz Kusznierewicz in the Finn class.

The most titled ice sailor in the DN class history.

Summary of sailing career[edit]

Regatta Team Place
2012 Giraglia Rolex Cup Near Miss 1st
2010 Louis Vuitton Trophy – La Maddalena Team Synergy 2nd
2009 Louis Vuitton Trophy – Nice Team Synergy 3rd
2009 RC 44 Annual Match Racing Team Organika 3rd
2009 RC 44 Portoroz Cup Match Racing Team Organika 2nd
2009 RC 44 Austria Cup Match Racing Team Organika 2nd
2008 Swan 45 Int. Italian Championships Team Early Bird 3rd
2007 America’s Cup Louis Vuitton Cup Desafio Español 3rd
2005 Maxi Yachts Rolex Cup Wally ‘96 Team Y3K 1st
2001 Maxi Yachts Rolex Cup Wally ‘ 96 Y3K 2nd
1999 Mumm 36 World Championships Team Thomas I Punkt 1st
1999 Sydney’40 World Championships Team MK Cafe 2nd
1999 Match Racing European Championships Team MK Cafe 2nd
1997 ILC’40 World Championships Team Pinta 1st
1994 Mumm 36 Commodores Cup Team Thomas I Punkt 1st
1994 One Ton Class Circuit Team Pinta 1st
1993 50’ Admiral’s Cup Team Container 2nd

Match Racing[edit]

Regatta Team Place
2004 World Championships in Match Racing Team Jabłoński 2nd
2003 World Championships in Match Racingu Team Jabłoński 3rd
2003 European Championships in Match Racing Team Jabłoński 1st
2002 World Championships in Match Racing Team Jabłoński 1st
1999 European Championships in Match Racing Team Jabłoński 2nd

DN Class Ice Sailing[edit]

World Championships[edit]

Year Medal Regatta Site
1992 Gold Arsunda, Sweden
1993 Silver Lake Geneva, Switzerland
1994 Silver Nieporęt, Poland
1995 Gold Montreal, Canada
1996 Gold Vienna, Austria
1997 Gold Lake St. Clair, United States
2000 Gold Lake Hjalmaren, Sweden
2001 Gold Saginaw Bay, United States
2002 Silver Haapsalu, Estonia
2003 Gold Lake Champlain, United States
2004 Silver Lake Balaton, Hungary
2014 Gold[1] Haapsalu, Estonia
2015 Gold[2] Lake Ontario, Canada
2016 Gold[3] Lake Glan, Sweden
2017 Gold[4] Lake Kegonsa, United States
2018 Gold[5] Lake Wielimie, Poland

European Championships[edit]

Year Medal Regatta Site
1992 Gold Årsunda, Sweden
2001 Gold Lipno nad Vltavou, Czech Republic
2011 Gold Kuressaare, Estonia
2013 Gold Lake Niegocin, Poland
2014 Gold Haapsalu, Estonia
2015 Gold Võrtsjärv, Estonia
2017 Gold[6] Lake Balaton, Hungary
2018 Bronze Lake Wielimie, Poland


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