Kaso River, Borneo

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Coordinates: 0°46′00″S 114°08′00″E / 0.76667°S 114.13333°E / -0.76667; 114.13333

Kaso River
Country Indonesia
Physical characteristics
Main source Borneo

The Kaso River (Sungai Kaso or Kacu) is a stream in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. One of its tributaries is the Seputan River. The Kaso flows into the Mahakam River.[1] In 1889, Tromp reported three villages of Bukat people on the Kaso. In fact the villages were on the Penane River, a tributary of the Kacu at Long Mecai. The semi-nomadic Seputan people also live on the Kacu at times.[2]


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