Kaupo, Hawaii

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Coordinates: 20°38′33.28″N 156°7′51.60″W / 20.6425778°N 156.1310000°W / 20.6425778; -156.1310000
CountryUnited States

Kaupō is a district of ancient Hawaii (moku in the Hawaiian language) of Maui island in Hawaii.[1] Kaupō is a remote, sparsely populated, sustainable ranching community.[2]


Kaupō is located along the southeastern shore of Maui, west of Kīpahulu along the Kahikinui coastline. Kaupō is located on a rugged and desolate coast. The Kahikinui Forest Reserve is located in the area,[3] as well as a section of Haleakalā National Park. A trail leads from near the summit of Haleakalā through Kaupō Gap to the coast.[4][5]

Kaupō is connected to the rest of the island via the Pi'ilani Highway (Hawaii Route 31). The highway is primarily one lane wide and is not paved in all sections.


The ancient district of Kaupō, before 1859.

Kaupō was "Wahipana" (Special Place) for ancient Hawaiians. In the early 1900s many families lived in Kaupō. Fishing, farming, hunting and ranching were primary occupations.[citation needed] In 1859 the district was combined with that of Hana.[6]

The Loaloa Heiau and Huialoha Church are located there.[7]


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