Kei Mouth

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Kei Mouth
A view of Kei Mouth from the hill, showing the tarred road into the village
A view of Kei Mouth from the hill, showing the tarred road into the village
Kei Mouth is located in Eastern Cape
Kei Mouth
Kei Mouth
Kei Mouth is located in South Africa
Kei Mouth
Kei Mouth
Kei Mouth is located in Africa
Kei Mouth
Kei Mouth
 Kei Mouth shown within Eastern Cape
Coordinates: 32°40′S 28°22′E / 32.667°S 28.367°E / -32.667; 28.367Coordinates: 32°40′S 28°22′E / 32.667°S 28.367°E / -32.667; 28.367
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
District Amathole
Municipality Great Kei
 • Type Part of a local municipality
 • Total 2.07 km2 (0.80 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 291
 • Density 140/km2 (360/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African 7.6%
 • Indian/Asian 0.7%
 • White 91.4%
 • Other 0.3%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • English 64.2%
 • Afrikaans 29.0%
 • Xhosa 4.3%
 • Tswana 1.1%
 • Other 1.4%
Postal code (street) 5260
PO box 5260
Area code 043
Website Kei Mouth

Kei Mouth (Afrikaans: Keimond) is a resort town on the southeast coast of South Africa, situated in the Wild Coast region of the Eastern Cape Province, situated 94 kilometres from the city of East London. The town is situated on the Indian Ocean coast, on the western bank of the Great Kei River, and has one of the country's three remaining car transporting pontoon river ferries.


The town of Kei Mouth was created by the British after the 8th Frontier War, as part of the frontline of a buffer zone aimed at protecting British Kaffraria from the warring Xhosa tribes.

Huberta, the famous Hippo, took up residence in the Kei River just above third cave in 1930. She was eventually chased off and continued her journey southward once more.


Bowls and Golf are favoured pastimes in Kei Mouth. The Kei Mouth Country Club has a 12-hole Golf Course and there is a bowling green and a squash court adjacent to the campsite.

Other sporting activities include mountain biking, horse riding and water sports such as surfing, swimming, fishing, boating and windsurfing.


The economy of Kei Mouth revolves largely around tourism due to its location at the southern entrance to the erstwhile Transkei region. Whilst many of the residents are retirees, a large portion of homes are holiday homes owned by families from the interior. There are several accommodation establishments, a municipal campsite, two restaurants and bars, two small supermarkets and a service station.[citation needed]

Nearby resort towns include: Qolora Mouth, Morgan's Bay, Haga Haga and Cintsa


The main languages spoken in Kei Mouth are English, Xhosa and Afrikaans. The town is home to a large number of retirees, thanks to the mild climate and holiday atmosphere.


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A view of the beach and rocks in Kei Mouth. 
The main road of Kei Mouth. 
A German 15 cm sFH 02 howitzer, captured in South West Africa during World War I, is on display in Grosvenor Park in Kei Mouth. 
The mouth of the Kei River, after which Kei Mouth is named.