Kendall River

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This article is about a river in Canada. For a river of the same name in Queensland, see Kendall River (Queensland).
The Kendall River can be seen in the upper right corner of this map of the Great Bear Lake

Kendall River is a small river and tributary to the Coppermine River in the Canadian Northwest Territories that connects the Dismal Lakes to the Coppermine River. John Rae (explorer) had a base camp here in 1851.

Based on data collected at a gauging station that operated between 1969 and 1990, the river has a drainage area is 2,790 square kilometres (1,077 sq mi), a mean annual flow of 15.0 cubic metres per second (530 cu ft/s), an average peak flow of 189 cubic metres per second (6,674 cu ft/s) and an average low flow of zero, when the river freezes, usually between mid November and late May. Summer flows from the Kendall represent approximately 6% of the flow of the Coppermine River.

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Coordinates: 67°12′N 116°34′W / 67.200°N 116.567°W / 67.200; -116.567