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The Keynes family (/ˈknz/ KAYNZ) is an English family that has included several notable economists, writers, and actors, perhaps the most famous of which was the economist John Maynard Keynes.

Family tree of modern Keynes family[edit]

John Neville Keynes
Florence Ada Brown
Lydia Lopokova
John Maynard Keynes
Geoffrey Keynes
Margaret Elizabeth Darwin
Margaret Neville Keynes
Archibald Hill
Richard Darwin Keynes
Anne Pinsent Adrian
Quentin Keynes
Milo Keynes
Stephen Keynes
Various Descendants
Simon Keynes
Randal Keynes
Zelfa Cecil Hourani
Roger Keynes
Soumaya Keynes
Skandar Keynes
Laura Keynes


The English surname Keynes is derived from a Norman place name, either Cahagnes (Calvados) or Cahaignes (Eure), which are documented as places of origin of people of this name[1] or possibly also from similar placenames not so documented.

The earliest documented person in England bearing the name was William de Cahaignes from Normandy who was born around 1035. Of another Norman William de Cahaignes (born around 1060 and probably his son), Katharine Keats-Rohan writes:- "Norman, from Cahaignes, Calvados, arr. Vire, cant. Aunay-sur-Odon.[2] Major tenant of Robert, Count of Mortain (half-brother of William the Conqueror) in several Domesday counties. He was Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1086, and again in the early years of Henry I. His widow Adelicia made a grant for his soul to Lewes priory, with the assent of their son Hugh (Mon. Ang. v,14). His lands were divided between his three sons, of whom Hugh held the forest of Northamptonshire in 1129/30." [3]

Surname derivatives[edit]

Surname variants include "Koine", "De Keynes", "Keynes", "de Cayenes", "Caynes", "Caines", "Cheyney", "Cheney", "Chaney", "Chaineis", "Cahaignes", "Casneto", "Caisned", "Casineto".[1]

Places in England bearing the name Keynes[edit]

The following places were named after the de Cahaignes or Keynes family who held many manors in the years following the Norman Conquest:

Notable persons surnamed Keynes[edit]

See Keynes (disambiguation).

See also[edit]

The descendants of Geoffrey Keynes (1887–1982), are also related to the Darwin — Wedgwood family.[citation needed]


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