Khasbag Wrestling Stadium

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Rajarshi Shahu Khasbag Wrestling Stadium
Full nameRajarshi Shahu Khasbaug Maidan
Former namesKhasbaug Maidan
LocationKolhapur, Maharashtra
OwnerKolhapur Municipal Corporation
OperatorKolhapur Municipal Corporation

Khasbag Stadium is a national wrestling stadium in Kolhapur city. This is a biggest Wrestling Stadium in India. The stadium was built in the time of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj and is almost a hundred year old stadium. And this is heritage site also.

Khasbag stadium, also known as Khasbaug Maidan (Ground), is 1 kilometre South-East to Mahalaxmi Temple and 8 Kilometers South-West to Central Bus Stand of Kolhapur. The structure flaunts a seating arrangement for about 30,000 people around a Wrestling Ring also called "Houd". Special seating is available for the members of the royal family of Kolhapur on the east side of the wrestling ring.

In 2012, it was the venue for the '46th Hind Kesari wrestling championship'.[1] It was held to mark the centenary of Khasbag wrestling arena.

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Coordinates: 16°41′33″N 74°13′34″E / 16.69250°N 74.22611°E / 16.69250; 74.22611