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Not to be confused with Jaisinghpur.
Jaysingpur is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 16°47′01″N 74°33′59″E / 16.7835056°N 74.5664406°E / 16.7835056; 74.5664406Coordinates: 16°47′01″N 74°33′59″E / 16.7835056°N 74.5664406°E / 16.7835056; 74.5664406
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Kolhapur
 • Type Municipality.
Population (2011)
 • Total 48,510
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 416101
Telephone code +91-2322
Vehicle registration MH-09

Jaysingpur is a city and municipal council in the Kolhapur district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city derived its name from Raja Jaysing, the father of Shrimant Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur, who planned and developed the great architecture of the city. It was then Shahu Maharaj who laid out Jaysingpur as one of the few "chessboard cities" in Maharashtra where roads meet at 90° angles.

The city was established in 1916 and celebrated its centenary in September 2016. Dr. Neeta Ashokrao Mane (MS-ENT) is Jaysingpur's current mayor. The city is famous for having one of the largest tobacco markets in the country. The city used to house production units of notable Gutkhas and tobacco in the region. God Siddheshwar The Gramdaivat Of Jaysingpur is also famous as are is the god Siddheshwar mandir (4th Lane). The city also has established many Digambar Jain Temples. Digambar Jain's are major in numbers, and most of them are involved in different political and social activities.

Jaysingpur is rapidly developing as a major satellite suburb of the Kolhapur region.The city has a very strategic location as it is on the diagonal meeting point of a quadrilateral formed by Kolhapur, Sangli, Miraj and Ichalkaranji.

Educational Institutions[edit]

Jaysingpur is famous for its educational institutions. Education from first standard to post graduation is available in the city. Postgraduate education in the field of engineering and medical is also available there. Schools in Jaysingpur are either "municipal schools" or private schools (run by trusts or individuals), which in some cases receive financial aid from the government. The schools are affiliated either with the Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE), The all-India Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), or the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). Marathi - Semi English & English is the usual language of instruction. The government-run public schools lack many facilities, but are the only option for poorer residents who cannot afford the more expensive private schools. The Dr. J. J. Magdum Charitable Trust is one of the oldest trusts in Jaysingpur. The founder of this trust was the late Dr. J. J. Magdum. The K.G. to P.G. education facility is provided in this trust.

Industries and Businesses[edit]


Jaysingpur is an important marketplace for the trading of tobacco and important crops like rice and other cereals. It is also an automotive industries supply chain hub as many direct suppliers supply and export finished components at Jaysingpur. In addition, many high-tech engineering entrepreneurs have businesses located in Jaysingpur. For example, the FLUID TECHNIQUES & INDUSTRIAL TRADING CORPORATION, and the L.K.Akiwate Industrial Estate run by Mr. AMAR KARYAPPA are located here.


Transportation is provided by MSRTC city buses and there are also many prominent private buses with service to all major destinations in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. MSRTC provides bus service from Jaysingpur to Sangli And Kolhapur every 15 minutes. Also, there is a city bus service of Sangli which reaches up to the central part of city. Private buses are a preferred mode of transport as opposed to riding on MSRTC city buses, due to their wider network and speed. Buses run by private companies are generally considered more comfortable and reliable, with most offering sleeper and air conditioned coaches such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo buses. They are connected to nearby major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore And Belgaum.

Jaysingpur has excellent connectivity with a number of major cities. However, much of the road network remains unpaved.


Jaysingpur[1] has a railway station (station code - JSP) which is on Kolhapur-Miraj line of Central railway. Miraj is nearest major junction, Miraj lies on Mumbai Bangalore main line and has daily connectivity to important cities. Miraj junction has 4 broad gauge branches connecting it. Long distance trains like Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express, Goa express, Chalukya Express, Poorna express, Swarna Jayanti Express, Ajmer Bangalore Express, Jodhpur Bangalore express, Gandhidham Bangalore express, Hubli express and numerous other passenger trains are available from Miraj junction which holds trains for most of the destinations in India. Miraj junction is about 13 km from Jaysingpur. It takes 15–20 minutes from Miraj Junction To Jaysingpur.

Nearest Religious Places[edit]

Nearest Religious Places are :-

  • Narsinhwadi - NarsobaWadi (Datt Mandir) - 13 km
  • Kunjwan - Udgaon - 3 km
  • Dharmasthal - Nandani - 7 km
  • Bahubali (Kumbhoj) - 19 km
  • Dattatreya Bhiksha Patra - Shirol - 7 km
  • Daanling - Ramling Temple - Umalwad - 4 km
  • Bhagwan Mahaveer Samavsaran Mandir - Kavathesar - 15 km
  • Kopeshwar Temple - Khidrapur (dedicated to Lord Shiva) - 28 km
  • Shri Kshetra Ramlingh Tirth - Alate - 22 km
  • Mahalaxmi Mandir - Kolhapur - 42 km
  • Khwaja GarribanNawaz Dargah - Miraj - 12 km
  • Veer Saadar Santajirao Ghorpade`s cremation at Ghat of Kurndwaad -12 km
  • Jain Temple at Nandani-7 km
  • Shree kshetra Dhuloba temple, Alate - 22 km