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Khinialon (Chinialus) was ruler in Patria Onoguria in the 540s after his brother Mugel. In 551 12,000 Bulgars, under their leader Chinialus, incited by the Gepids, invaded and ravaged the Balkan provinces of the Byzantine Empire. Justinian succeeded in turning the Utigurs under the leadership of Sandilch against their relatives the Kutrigur.

Prior to Chinialus there are only four names for Kutrigur leaders in Patria Onoguria given. Two of these are also given in alternative sources as leaders for the Utigur (Grod 503–528 and Mugel 528–530s). The last name in the chain back to Attila is Ernakh (3rd son of Attila). However, the connection to Attila is probably romantic rather than factual in nature.

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