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Sinnion (Σιννίων, Σισίννιος ; undetermined origin, perhaps Persian[1]) was ruler of the Kutrigurs in the 6th century. Somewhere after 551, when the Utigurs led by Sandilch attacked the Kutrigurs who suffered great losses,[2] the Kutrigurs made a peace treaty with Byzantine Empire, and 2000 Kutrigurs on gallop with wives and children led by Sinnion entered Empire service and were settled in Thrace.[2][3]

Sinnion was a veteran of Belisarius expedition against the Vandals at their Vandal Kingdom in North Africa in 533.[3][4] Noted for their strength and bravery,[4] Sinnion and Balas led a group of 600 Massagetae auxiliares (all mounted archers),[1] at the Battle of Ad Decimum (September 13, 533).[5]

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