Khodro Kaveer

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Khodro Kaveer
Private company
Industry Automotive
Founded 2001, Ardakan
Headquarters Tehran - Ardakan, Yazd, Iran
Key people
  • Masoud Haratifar (CEO)

Khodro Kaveer is an automobile company based in Yazd, Iran. Established in 2001, it makes BMC and Cumitas cars.

Kaveer Automotive Industrial Corporation (in Persian: شرکت صنایع خودرو کویر‎), also known as Khodro Kaveer, is an Automotive Company headquartered in Ardakan. Khodro Kaveer was established in 2001,[1] to assemble and produce BMCs under license for the Iranian market. The CEO of Khodro Kaveer is Masoud Haratifar, predecessor of whom was Mohammad Reza Soroush.[2]


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