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Kibbutz Beth-El is a Christian Zionist communal village near Zichron Ya'akov, Israel. In 2003, the population was 800.[1][2]

Kibbutz Beth-El has its community roots in Stuttgart, Germany. Emma Berger, a Christian who became devout following her recovery from a serious illness, brought a group of followers to Israel in 1963 and purchased land in Zichron Yaakov. Some 700 members of the group continue to reside in Germany, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Africa and the Netherlands after requests to immigrate were denied by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior.[3]


Beth-El Group owns seven factories and other businesses and is the second largest employer in Zichron Ya'akov after the local council.[4]

Beth El's "CBRN" ("Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear") air-filtration system, a device for combating poisonous gases, can be operated by grid electricity, battery or manually in the event of an attack.[5]

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