Kigali Independent University

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Kigali Independent University ULK (Université Libre de Kigali in French)
ULK Logo.png
Motto Science and Conscience
Motto in English
Science & Conscience
Type Private
Established 1996
Founder Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda
Chancellor Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA
Vice-president NYIRASHYIRAMBERE M. Louise
Vice-Chancellor Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel
Administrative staff
Location Kigali, 2280, Rwanda
Campus Urban
Website Homepage
Founder and Owner of ULK
ULK Digital Library

Kigali Independent University (French: Université Libre de Kigali, ULK), in Rwanda, is a private Institution of Higher Learning founded on 15 March 1996 and governed by the Law No. 27/2013 of 24/5/2013 governing the organization and functioning of Higher Education in Rwanda, the Law No. 13/2009 regulating Labor in Rwanda, the Presidential Order No. 51/01 of 13/7/2010 establishing quality standards in higher learning institutions.

Historical background[edit]

Kigali Independent University ULK was created in 1996, after the genocide in Rwanda which took place in 1994. Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda is the founder and owner of the University. ULK started its activities from the St Paul buildings. After the St. Paul buildings, ULK built its first campus at Kacyiru currently these buildings holds the secondary school "Glory Secondary School". In 2007, All Administrative and teaching activities of ULK Kigali campus moved to the new headquarters at Gisozi sector.


From January 2007 all the ULK Kigali campus faculties and administration operate in the new Campus premises at Gisozi.

14,000 sitting places

A large stadium with almost 14,000 places holding capacity. For the academic year 2012-2013, ULK acquired 3,520 new books. Total books in the physical library counts 66,200 titles and a digital library with 500 new computers which has access to different publishers of e-books and e-journals, with a total of 1,170 computers for all the ULK computer laboratories, as well as six generators, including four of 200 KVA; 22 vehicles; etc.


School of Economics and Business Studies[edit]

Departments: Accounting Finance Economics Rural Development (Gisenyi campus only)

School of Social Sciences[edit]

Departments: Development Studies International Relations Population Studies

School of Computer Sciences[edit]

Department of Computer Science

School of Law[edit]

Department of Law

Currently ULK Kigali campus has 4 buildings:

  • The School of Science and Technology.
  • The School of Economics and Business Studies, The faculty of Law, and The Faculty of Social Sciences
  • The Masters building
ULK Digital Library

Although ULK has only these four buildings in the Kigali Campus, it has a Master plan which will include many buildings, a hospital and a big stadium.