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For the Sonic Youth EP, see Kill Yr Idols. For the 2004 documentary film, see Kill Your Idols (film).
Kill Your Idols
Origin Long Island,
New York, United States
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1995–2007
Labels Side One Dummy, Blackout!
Website Kill Your Idols at Side One Dummy Records
Past members Andy West (Vocals)
Gary Bennett (Guitar)
Paul Delaney (Bass)
Raeph Glicken (Drums)
Mike Walter (Guitar)
Jon Abarno (Guitar)
Mike Disseto (Guitar)
Mike D'Lorenzo (Guitar)
John Leonardi (Bass)
Dan Lerch (Bass)
Vinnie Value (Drums)
Jim Conaboy (Drums)
Dave Oster (Drums)
Ron Grimaldi(Drums)
Brian Meehan (Guitar)

Kill Your Idols was a hardcore punk band from Long Island/New York City, New York. The band was active from 1995 through 2007. They were signed to SideOneDummy Records.

Their releases on SideOneDummy were Funeral for a Feeling (2001), a split with 7 Seconds in 2004, and From Companionship to Competition (2005). Other notable releases by the band were No Gimmicks Needed and This is just the beginning... which were released on the New York hardcore label Blackout! records, owned and operated by Bill Wilson.

The band released many 7" EPs, splits with other bands (including Full Speed Ahead, Fisticuffs, Voorhees, Good Riddance, and Poison Idea), compilation tracks, and full-length LPs in their 11-year run. Most of their records were released on vinyl as well as compact disc. Some were released on different colors of vinyl, different sleeve covers, hand numbered tour presses, and picture discs, making their records a favorite among collectors.

They cite Poison Idea, Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, Warzone, Sick of It All, and 7 Seconds as some of their influences. KYI was very fast and had a loud, dirty, dual guitar sound with shouted vocals. They employed hints of melody in their song structure. Although they derived many of their influences from California and D.C. style hardcore, they were considered a New York hardcore band.


Kill Your Idols took its name from a Situated Chaos song of the same name. Situated Chaos was a Long Island hardcore band that existed in the late 1990s. Founding members Andy West and Gary Bennett chose the name because the lyrics of the song reflected how they felt about hardcore. Also, Andy and Gary were introduced to one another and asked about forming an old-school hardcore band by a mutual friend named Vinnie Segerra, who was the frontman of Situated Chaos. Segerra also ran a DIY ("Do it yourself") label called Mint-Tone Records, which released a 7" EP by Gary's first band Big Sniff, which was also melodic hardcore. After the band broke up, Vinnie put him in touch with Andy.

Vinnie Segerra played a big role in the beginning of KYI. Once they released their first demo, which was recorded at their first live performance at CBGB, Vinnie got them their first record deal with Bitter Sweet Records. After the label was shut down, KYI was forced to bring the masters of their first, self-financed studio recording to another common acquaintance in the hardcore scene. Brett Clarin of Long Island's None Of The Above Records came to the band's rescue, and the "12 inch EP" was released. The band then booked their first-ever summer tour down the east coast of the United States. It wasn't long after when the band was signed to Bill Wilson's Blackout! label.

For the next six or seven years, the band toured relentlessly across the United States, parts of Canada, Europe, and even a short tour in Japan and Korea. The band toured with many other important hardcore/punk bands of the day including H2O, Good Riddance, The Casualties, 7 Seconds, Agnostic Front, Death by Stereo, The Nerve Agents, Kid Dynamite, and many others. Along the way, the band was picked up by Joe Sib and Bill Armstrong's SideOneDummy Records, a major independent based in California. This afforded the band more widespread distribution, college radio play, and offers to tour with much bigger bands and play much larger venues. By this time, the band was almost completely burned out from the road, and took to only playing locally, mostly at CBGB, and recording from time to time. Interest in other musical projects and family life soon contributed to the breakup of the group. They played their final shows in May 2007 in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.

Their last show ever was held at a VFW hall in eastern Long Island. Right before the band went on, the show was raided by local police and fire officials and was shut down due to over-occupancy. Local hardcore fans and friends of the band quickly reorganized the event later the same night in the parking lot of a band rehearsal space in an industrial area. Complete with a P.A. system and full backline, the band ripped through as many of their songs as they could before the police arrived again.

Throughout their career, KYI earned a small but loyal grassroots following of underground punk and hardcore fans. Most of KYI's songs dealt with depression, anxiety, the pain of loss, day-to-day problems, and the social politics of the punk scene.

The band prided themselves on their DIY ethic, and largely worked with similarly oriented promoters and record labels. The band never took on a manager, and only took on a booking agent for a short time when their touring schedule was at its peak.

Kill Your Idols reunited to play the Black 'N' Blue Bowl at Webster Hall on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

In 2015, Kill Your Idols reunited on Friday, March 20 to play a sold out show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY as a benefit for Nate Gluck from Ensign. They will also play on Saturday, March 21 to play Nate Fest a benefit for Nate Gluck from Ensign, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

Other projects[edit]

Members of Kill Your Idols have continued to play music since the breakup of the band. Paul Delaney joined None More Black, leaving KYI for approximately two years to pursue his time with them, only to come back to KYI and finish off the final European tour and the last Stateside shows. Deathcycle is a hardcore/metal/punk crossover band founded by Gary Bennett and Ron Grimaldi, with Paul Delaney joining the ranks somewhere along the way. Celebrity Murders is a hardcore/metal band founded by Mike D'Lorenzo and Brian Meehan. S.S.S.P. (Skinheads Still Scare People) is a hardcore/Oi! style project founded by Vinnie Value and Mike De Lorenzo. All of these bands were operating toward the end of KYI's tenure. More recently, black metal band, Black Anvil, was formed by KYI members Paul Delaney, Gary Bennett, and Raeph.


  • Andy West - Vocals
  • Gary Bennett - Guitars
  • Paul Delaney - Bass
  • Raeph Glicken - Drums

Other members[edit]

  • Vinnie Value - Drums
  • Mike D'Lorenzo - Bass
  • Jim Conaboy - Drums
  • Dave Oster - Drums
  • Ron Grimaldi - Drums
  • John Leonardi - Bass
  • Mike Walter - Guitar
  • Jon Abarno - Guitar
  • Dan Lerch - Bass
  • Mike Disseto - Guitar
  • Brian Meehan - Guitar




  • Kill Your Idols 12" E.P. (None of the Above Records, 1997)
  • This Is Just the Beginning (Blackout! 1998)
  • Funeral for a Feeling (Side One Dummy 2001)
  • For Our Friends (Life Line Records 2004)
  • Salmon Swim Upstream (Vicious Circle Records 2007)

Split EPs[edit]


  • 434" CD (None of the Above Records, 1998)
    • collects the 12" E.P. with 3 live sessions
  • This Is Just The Beginning (Blackout! / Cortex Records 1998)
    • Vinyl only European release, collects This Is Just The Beginning EP and the 12" E.P.
  • The Skinnier Years (Vicious Circle / State Of Grace Records 2002)
    • collects early recording sessions and the Live At CBGB Demo
  • Something Started Here (Life Line / Get Outta Town Records 2007)
    • collects compilation appearances and split EPs


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