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This is a Korean name; the family name is Kim.
Kim Seul-gie
Born (1991-10-10) October 10, 1991 (age 23)
Busan, South Korea
Medium Theatre, Stand-up,[1] Television
Nationality South Korean
Years active 2011-present
Genres Character, Sketch, Dramatic, Sitcom
Influences Jang Jin, Kim Min-kyo, Shin Dong-yup
Notable works and roles Crew of Saturday Night Live Korea
Tomorrow Morning as Kat
Clumsy People as Yoo Hwa-ie
Oh My Ghostess as Shin Soon-ae
Korean name
Hangul 김슬기
Hanja 슬기
Revised Romanization Gim Seul-gi
McCune–Reischauer Kim Sŭlki

Kim Seul-gie (Korean: 김슬기, born October 10, 1991) is a South Korean actress. She is well known for being a cast member ("crew") on the tvN entertainment show Saturday Night Live Korea.


A Busan native, she enjoyed making people laugh from an early age. According to an interview, during her third year of high school, she started to prepare for a career of professional acting, to overcome a broken heart. She eventually attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts, a leading university for arts and entertainment in South Korea. In 2011, she participated in a 30th anniversary memorial play on a college society called 'Venture to meet' (만남의 시도), with Jang Jin, a well-known film director. Months later on the mid-2011, when Jang Jin was looking for cast members for the live comic variety show called Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL Korea), he recruited Kim Seul-gie as a cast member. While gaining support on this experimental live programme consistently, her popularity has also significantly increased, especially in the latter half of 2012.[2]

As of January 2014, she is taking her time off from college, and performing her acting career in various fields. She is a member of both as so-called Jang Jin's Division (장진사단, a group of entertainers who have been influenced by Jang Jin), and part of his Entertainment company called 'Film-it-suda' (필름있수다). [3]

Media appearances[edit]

Variety show[edit]

Notable characters on SNL Korea[edit]



  • 2013: tvN Paik Ji-yeon's People Inside(백지연의 피플인사이드), Interview of SNL Korea's Crew, alongside with Kim Min-kyo, Jeong Seong-ho, and Jeong Myeong-ok (May 1, 353th episode)
  • 2013: tvN Active-talkshow; Taxi(현장토크쇼 택시), alongside with Park Jae-beom (April 8)
  • 2013: Mnet Music Triangle(뮤직 트라이앵글), as singer and interviewee of a song I woke up because of you(너땜에 잠이깨) (March 6)
  • 2013: SBS TV Entertainment Tonight(한밤의 TV연예), as 4 New-trendsetters of 2013 (February 27)
  • 2013: Mnet Wide Entertainment News(와이드 연예뉴스), as Hidden-card(highly anticipated entertainer) of the year 2013 (January 9)
  • 2012: EBS Mother-story(어머니 전) - Director Jang Jin and his mother, appeared during a preparation of Clumsy people with Kim Min-kyo (September 28, 30th episode)



Independent Film[edit]

  • 2012: Dong-hang, as Su-ah
  • 2012: Pyeong-haeng-seon, as Han Se-ah

Television drama[edit]

  • 2015: tvN Oh My Ghostess(오 나의 귀신님), as Shin Soon-ae
  • 2015: MBC Kill Me, Heal Me(킬미, 힐미), as patient Heo Sook-hee (cameo, episodes 1-4)
  • 2014: MBC Drama Festival A Resentful Woman's Diary(원녀일기), as Kong-jwi
  • 2014: KBS2 Discovery of Love(연애의 발견), as Yoon Sol
  • 2014: tvN The Idle Mermaid(잉여공주), as Ahn Hye-young
  • 2014: KBS2 Drama Special I'm Dying Soon(나 곧 죽어), as Sa-rang
  • 2013: tvN Reply 1994(응답하라 1994), as Sseureki's cousin
  • 2013: KBS2 Pretty Man(예쁜 남자), as senior teacher-in-charge at Dokgo Ma-te's high school
  • 2013: tvN Flower Boys Next Door(이웃집 꽃미남), as deputy manager of the contents development team(컨텐츠개발팀 대리)/webtoon editor(웹툰 편집장)
  • 2012: KBS2 Drama Special The Wedding Planner(또 한번의 웨딩), as a junior wedding planner/consultant
  • 2012: KBS2 Drama Special The Whereabouts of Noh Sook-ja(노숙자씨의 행방), as commuting student
  • 2012: MBC Heartstrings(넌 내게 반했어), as a stage actor



  • 2012-2013: Clumsy People(서툰 사람들), as Yoo Hwa-i.e.: counterparted with Kim Min-kyo
  • 2011-2012: Return to Hamlet(리턴 투 햄릿) as Lee-yeon and a bayonet
  • 2011: Romeo landing on Earth(로미오 지구 착륙기) as Mi-mi

Situation comedy[edit]

  • 2012: tvN 21st Century Family(21세기 가족), as a physician



  • 2013: Rude Girl(발칙한 녀), featured with Park Jae-beom, on an OST album of She is Wow(우와한 녀)
  • 2013: I woke up because of you(너 땜에 잠이 깨), featured with Go Kyung-pyo, on an OST album of Flower Boys Next Door

Music video appearances[edit]

  • 2013: Lee Hyori's Bad Girls(배드 걸스), as senior high school teacher Kim Seul-gie
  • 2013: Ra.D's Thank You, Thank You(고마워 고마워), as main female character Kim Seul-gie


Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2013 7th Mnet 20's Choice Awards 20's Booming Star – Female SNL Korea, Flower Boys Next Door Nominated
2014 3rd APAN Star Awards Best New Actress Discovery of Love Won
MBC Drama Awards Best Actress in a Drama Short A Resentful Woman's Diary Nominated
KBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Discovery of Love, I'm Dying Soon Won
2015 10th Max Movie Awards Best Supporting Actress Miss Granny Nominated
Best New Actress Ode to My Father Won
51st Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (TV) Discovery of Love Nominated


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