King's Lynn Power Station

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King's Lynn Power Station
Kings Lynn Power Station.jpg
Country England
Location Norfolk, East of England
Coordinates 52°43′38″N 0°22′48″E / 52.727256°N 0.380117°E / 52.727256; 0.380117Coordinates: 52°43′38″N 0°22′48″E / 52.727256°N 0.380117°E / 52.727256; 0.380117
Commission date 1997
Operator(s) Centrica Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas-fired
grid reference TF608170

King's Lynn Power Station is a combined cycle natural gas power station near King's Lynn in Norfolk, commissioned in 1997, and now owned by Centrica Energy. It was mothballed on 1 April 2012. It can generate 325 MW of electricity and employed 40 people.


Construction of this power station began in October 1994 and was completed and started producing electricity in December 1997.[1] The owners of the plant, TXU sold the plant to Centrica in October 2001.

The plant was mothballed on 1 April 2012 as older, less efficient, plant such as King's Lynn had become uneconomic due to high gas prices.[2]


The Combined cycle gas turbine power station is located on Willows Business Park, Saddlebow, King's Lynn and uses gas from National Grid's National Transmission System.


It has one single shaft 237 MW Siemens V94.3 Gas driven Turbine with electrical generator running at 3,000 rpm. The terminal voltage is 21 kV. There is a vertical type triple pressure heat recovery steam generator designed by CMI SA (Belgium)and supplied by CMI SA and International Combustion (since 1997 known as ABB Combustion Services Ltd. The plant has one steam turbine that is coupled to the generator via a self synchronizing clutch. The plant operates with one air cooled condenser which compromises of 61 cooling modules of fins, tubes and fan arranged in four by four configuration, connected to the 132 kV electrical distribution system. The total output of the station is 325 MWe. The power station employs around forty-one staff.

Environmental performance[edit]

In 2006 it generated 900 GWh and emitted the following pollutants:-[1]

  • Nitrogen oxides: 310,000 tonnes
  • Methane: 26,000 tonnes
  • Sulphur Dioxide <100,000 tonnes
  • Carbon Monoxide 13 tonnes
  • Carbon Dioxide 365,896 tonnes

King's Lynn B project[edit]

Centrica has an option to build about 1,000 MW of gas generation capacity near the present site, but has yet to decide if this will go ahead.[2][3] In 2013 National Grid obtained consent to build a new 400 kV grid connection, but a decision on proceeding is awaited.[4][5]


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