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Pronunciation Norwegian: [ɕɛlː]
Gender Male
Name day Norway (11 July)
DenmarkSweden (8 July)
Finland (8 June)
Word/name Norse
Meaning Kettle, Cauldron or Helmet
Region of origin NorwaySwedenFinland (Kjell)
Denmark (Kjeld)
Other names
Related names Keld, Ketil, Kittel, Kittil, Kjeld, Kjetil, Kjetill

Kjell is a masculine given name in Norway, Finland and Sweden, in Denmark the cognate is Kjeld or Keld. It is derived from the Old Norse: kętill, meaning "kettle," "cauldron," or "helmet."[1]

In 2007, there were 59,011 men in Sweden with "Kjell" as their first name, making it the 42nd most common masculine name in Sweden.[2] In Swedish it is pronounced like "Chell". There were 30,809 men in Norway with "Kjell" as their first name. This makes it the 5th most common masculine name in Norway.[3] In Denmark, 8079 men were called "Kjeld" and 5491 "Keld".[4] In Finland, the number of men called Kjell in 2008 was 1405.[5]

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