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Studio album by Shining
Released June 30, 2009
Genre Black metal, progressive metal
Length 50:46
Label Osmose Productions
Producer Rickard Bengtsson,[1] Niklas Kvarforth, Peter Huss, Fredric Gråby
Shining chronology
Född förlorare

Klagopsalmer (roughly, Hymns of Lament) is the sixth album by Shining. It was released on June 30, 2009, by Osmose Productions.[1][2][3]

Track 4 is a cover version of Seigmen's "Ohm" (from the Total album). "Ohm" is sung in Norwegian, making it the only song on the album not sung in Swedish.

Samplings on the album are from the 1979 documentary, Ett anständigt liv, by Stefan Jarl.

Erik Danielsson from Swedish black metal band Watain is responsible for the album cover art.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Vilseledda barnasjälars hemvist" (The Residence of Misled Children's Souls) – 6:39 (Niklas Kvarforth)
  2. "Plågoande o'helga plågoande" (Tormentor, Oh Sacred Tormentor) – 6:49 (Kvarforth)
  3. "Fullständigt jävla död inuti" (Completely Fucking Dead Inside) – 8:02 (Graby, Kvarforth)
  4. "Ohm - Sommar med Siv" (Ohm - Summer With Siv) – 7:10 (Seigmen)
  5. "Krossade drömmar och brutna löften" (Crushed Dreams and Broken Promises) – 5:06
  6. "Total utfrysning" (Total Ostracism) – 16:46 (Kvarforth, Huss)



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