Klinke Brothers Ice Cream Company

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The Klinke Brothers Ice Cream Company is a corporation headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. As of 2009, it is a supplier to 208 Baskin Robbins stores in eight U.S. states.[1]


Klinke Brothers originally made the "Angel Food" brand products.[1] In 2006,[2] it had discontinued manufacturing the product,[1] and licensed the brand to Yarnell Ice Cream Co. (Yarnell's). The Memphis Business Journal stated that "The Angel Food brand has been a longtime best seller in Tennessee, Mississippi and southwest Kentucky."[2] Klinke Brothers began focusing more on its Baskin Robbins franchising operations.[2]

Corporate affairs[edit]

Its offices are along Interstate 240, between Airways and Lamar. They are visible from aircraft traveling to and from Memphis International Airport.[1]

A large ice cream tub was installed at the headquarters in July 1987. Preston Klinke said that John Malmo, an advertising executive from Memphis the tub had a price tag of over $15,000 and that it paid for itself after the first six months.[1] Due to the sale of the Angel Food brand, the tub was changed to a Baskin Robbins tub in 2009. The company Design Team from Savannah, Tennessee changed the logo in three days. It used a crane to move the tub to a parking lot, swapped the logos, and moved it back to its original position.[1]


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