Knutstorp Castle

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Knutstorp Castle
Knutstorps slott
Svalöv Municipality
Knutstorps slott.JPG
Knutstorp Castle
Knutstorp Castle is located in Skåne
Knutstorp Castle
Knutstorp Castle
Coordinates 55°58′46″N 13°08′05″E / 55.9794°N 13.1347°E / 55.9794; 13.1347
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Guided tours
Site history
Built 16th century

Knutstorp Castle (Swedish: Knutstorps slott, Danish: Knudstrup) is a castle in Svalöv Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden. It was built in the 16th century by Otte Brahe, when Scania was still Danish. It is the birthplace of the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe (born 14 December 1546) and his astronomer sister Sophia Brahe (born 24 August 1556).

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