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For the fish known by the Māoris as 'koaro' and often misspelled as 'koara', see Climbing galaxias.

The Koara people are an Aboriginal tribe living in the Kuwarra Western Desert region of Western Australia.

Geographic Location[edit]

The Koara are found in the following areas:

  • Gidgee
  • Lake Barlee
  • Lake Darlot
  • Leonora
  • Morgans
  • Mount Ida
  • Mount Zephyr
  • Sandstone

Alternative Names[edit]

The Koara have also been referred to, in literature, as:

  • Gorara Koara
  • Goara
  • Guwara
  • Kogara
  • Konindja
  • Konindja (by eastern tribes)
  • Konindjara
  • Kuwara
  • Kuwarra
  • Waula (i.e. "northerners" by Waljen)
  • Waula Kagara