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Kobi Oz, 2010

Kobi Oz (Hebrew: קובי אוז‎, born Yaakov Uzan on 17 September 1969) is the lead singer of Israeli group Teapacks.


Yaakov (Kobi) Oz was born in Sderot to Tunisian Jewish parents. He began playing music and composing at the age of 15. He started out playing keyboards for the band Sfatayim, which performed traditional Moroccan music.[1]

Oz is the author of two books: Petty Hoodlum (2002) and Moshe Chuato and the Raven (1996).[2]

Oz organized a demonstration in 2007 to raise public awareness of the tragedy of his home town, which is constantly under missile attack from the Gaza Strip. About 40,000 people came to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to show solidarity with the inhabitants of Sderot.[3]

In 2010, Oz released his second solo album, Mizmorey Nevochim (Psalms for the Perplexed).


  • D'ma'ot veYam (Ocean and Tears), 2004
  • Mizmorey Nevochim (Psalms for the Perplexed), 2010
  • Mizmorim Nosafim (Some More Psalms), 2011

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