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Kogan Page
Founded 1967
Founder Philip Kogan and Terry Page
Country of origin United Kingdom
Headquarters location London
Distribution The Book Service (UK)
Ingram Publishers Services (US)[1]
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics Business
Official website www.koganpage.com

Kogan Page is an independent publishing company founded in 1967 and headquartered in London, with branches in Philadelphia and New Delhi.[2][3][4] Kogan Page specialises in specialist professional books and content.[5][6] The company’s Managing Director is Helen Kogan.[7][8][9][10] and the publishing house is home to a number of award-winning authors.[11][12] In 2007, Kogan Page's founder, Philip Kogan, was recognised with an IPG Lifetime Achievement Award.[13]

Publishing areas and partners[edit]

The company operates internationally and publishes in five key areas: leadership and management, marketing, human resources, logistics, and entrepreneurship.[14][15] Kogan Page's publishing partners include the Chartered Institute of Public Relations,[16] the Institute of Directors, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the Hay Group, Accenture, The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph[17]

List of authors[edit]

Kogan Page has published a number of award-winning books. Published authors include:[18][19][20][21]

  • Michael Armstrong
  • Colin Barrow
  • Alan Cutler
  • Erik de Haan
  • Charles Elvin
  • Mark Gallagher
  • Colin Gautrey
  • Paul Hopkin
  • Jean-Noel Kapferer
  • Anthony Kasozi
  • JP Kuehlwein
  • Malcolm Morley
  • Marion Debruyne[22]
  • Kevin Murray
  • Jo Owen
  • Simon Phillips
  • Norman Pickavance
  • Penny Pullan
  • Robin Ryde
  • Wolfgang Schaefer
  • Paul Sloane
  • Doug Strycharczyck
  • Ralph Cleland Tiffin


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