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Kopkamtib (Indonesian: Komando Operasi Pemulihan Keamanan dan Ketertiban or "Operational Command for the Restoration of Security and Order", was a secret police operation in Indonesia's "New Order" that continued issues arising from the transition to the New Order.

Origins of Kopkamtib[edit]

Following the killing of 6 top generals and failed "coup attempt", the surviving general, Suharto, accepted President Sukarno's order to take control of the army. Suharto's condition was that he be handed full authority to restore order and security, an arrangement that was formalised by creating Kopkamtib.[1]

The conflict between the forces of the military and their rivals the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), had predated the setting up of the organisation. The formation of Kopkamtib was a legitimisation of military and the New Order governments determination to organise the liquidation of the PKI and its related organisations.

By 1968 the PKI was no longer seen as a credible threat to military power, Kopkamtib's role as the New Order's main security apparatus remained, as did its surveillance of citizens.[2] Kopkamtib played and important role in ensuring Golkar victory in the 1971 general elections. The organisation screened candidates and disqualifying about 20 per cent for political reasons.[2]

Later and post Suharto era[edit]

In September 1988, Suharto closed down the organisation. The succeeding organisation was Badan Koordinasi Bantuan Pemantapan Stabilitas Nasional /Bakorstanas which lasted until March 2000, when it was dismantled by the government of the Reform era.

Deputy Commanders were also known as Chief of Staff of the organisation [3]


Position Name Year Year
Commander General Suharto 5 October 1965 19 November 1969
Commander General Maraden Panggabean 19 November 1969 27 March 1973
Commander General Sumitro[4] 27 March 1973 [5][6] 28 January 1974
Commander General Suharto 28 January 1974 17 April 1978
Commander Admiral R. Sudomo 17 April 1978 29 March 1983
Commander General Leonardus Benjamin Moerdani 29 March 1983 5 September 1988

Chiefs of Staff/ Deputy Commanders[edit]

Position Name years
Deputy Commander General Sumitro 1969 to 1971
Deputy Commander Admiral R. Sudomo 1973 to 1978
Deputy Commander Major General Daryatmo 1978 [7]
Deputy Commander General Yoga Soegama 1978 to 1980
Deputy Commander General Wijoyo Suyono 1980 to 1982

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Further reading[edit]

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