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The Asisten Pribadi or better known by its acronym, Aspri, was President of Indonesia Suharto's team of advisors from its formation in 1968 until it was disbanded in early 1974.


Aspri was the successor institution to the personal staff (Spri). Spri had been formed by Suharto in August 1966 after he had received Supersemar to assist him in laying down the building blocks of the New Order regime. Spri included six Army officers and twelve civilians.[1] In 1968, after Suharto had been appointed President, he disbanded Spri and formed Aspri; limiting its membership to Army officers only. Although their position did not entail a lot of official power, some members of Aspri, most notably Ali Murtopo and Sujono Humardhani became powerful and influential figures in their own rights.[2]

Aspri was not popular with the people for its power and critics of the regime took the opportunity to ask for it to be disbanded in the last months of 1973 and January 1974.[3] Suharto recognized the people's demand and disbanded Aspri after the Malari Incident.


The members of Aspri were:[3]

  • Aspri for Special Affairs: Maj. Gen. Ali Murtopo
  • Aspri for Economics: Maj. Gen. Sujono Humardhani
  • Aspri for Finance: Lt. Gen. Suryo
  • Aspri for Presidential Security: Maj. Gen. Tjokropranolo

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