Tommy Suharto

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Tommy Suharto
Personal details
Born (1962-07-15) July 15, 1962 (age 53)
Political party Golkar
Spouse(s) Ardhia Pramesti Regita Cahyani (1997-2006)
Children Dharma Mangkuluhur
Gayanti Hutami
Parents Soeharto dan Siti Hartinah

Tommy Suharto (real name Hutomo Mandala Putra) (July 15, 1962) is the youngest son of Suharto, the former President of Indonesia. In 2002 he was convicted of ordering the assassination of a Supreme Court Judge of the Republic of Indonesia, Syafiuddin Kartasasmita.

Bali land scandals[edit]

Tommy in the 1980s used the Indonesian Army to force landowners in the Nusa Dua and Dreamland Beach areas to sell land at cheap prices to a company controlled by him. Today this land is reported to be still owned by him. His company leases this land to many mega resort operators including Starwood, Accor, and Hilton.

Criminal convictions[edit]

Tommy was in 2002 sentenced to 15 years jail for paying two hitmen to kill Syafiuddin Kartasasmita, a Supreme Court judge who had convicted him of graft. Other charges included illegal weapons possession and fleeing justice.

He served part of his sentence in Cipinang Penitentiary Institution (LP Cipinang), Jatinegara, East Jakarta before being transferred to Nusa Kambangan Island prison off the southern coast of Central Java. His sentence was reduced to 10 years on appeal, and he was given conditional release on 30 October 2006.[1] He spent a total of four years in detainment. Critics said Tommy was released solely because of his wealth and his family's enduring power.[2]

1996 Australian Broadcasting Corporation report of the special tax exemptions given to Tommy Suharto's "National Car" contract.

On 28 August 2008, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that Bank Mandiri had been directed to transfer 1.23 trillion rupiah (US$134 million) of funds owned by Tommy's now-defunct car company Timor Putra Nasional to a government account. Earlier, the ministry filed a graft case alleging Tommy illegally sold assets from Timor to five of his companies. Tommy responded by filing a US$21.8 million countersuit against the ministry. He won a separate US$61 million civil corruption case in February 2008, receiving US$550,000 in a countersuit.[3][4][5]

Garuda lawsuit[edit]

In March 2011, Tommy won a lawsuit against Garuda Indonesia for Rp.12.51 billion ($1.46 million) in damages. The case concerned an article titled "A New Destination to Enjoy in Bali" (Pecatu) in the December 2009 of Garuda's in-flight magazine. A footnote at the end of the article mentioned Tommy was a convicted murderer.[6] Presiding Judge Tahsin said the article had ruined Tommy’s reputation "as a national and international businessman". He said Tommy's past should not have been mentioned because he had completed his prison term.[7]


Tommy had a motor racing career in various disciplines, competing in Rally Indonesia in 1997 against WRC's top drivers. He also funded the development of Sentul International Circuit. His son, Darma Mangkuluhur Hutomo, is also a race car driver.

Private life[edit]

Tommy married Ardhia Pramesti Regita Cahyani, also known as 'Tata', in 1997. Tata is from royal lineage of Mangkunegaran principality of Surakarta.[8] They have two children: Dharma Mangkuluhur and Radhyana Gayanti Hutami. On May 15, 2006, Tata filed for divorce and moved to Singapore.[citation needed]


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