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Country of origin Slovakia
Region Orava
Source of milk Primarily Cows / Sheep
Pasteurised Yes
Texture Medium-hard
Aging time 4 weeks - 10 months
Certification No

Korbáčik (IPA: [korbaːt͡ʃik]) is a type of semi-hard or medium hard string cheese. It originates from the Orava region of northern Slovakia. It is made from smoked cheese interwoven into fine braids. The name roughly translates to "little whip" which refers to the pattern woven onto the strings.


There are two main variants of the Korbáčik, the smoked and the un-smoked.[1] In addition to these, it is not uncommon to produce salty variants, as well as with garlic. The basis for the production is milk, either from cow or from sheep.[2]

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