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The Kouvola railway station (Finnish: Kouvolan rautatieasema, Swedish: Kouvola järnvägsstation) is located in the city of Kouvola in Finland.

The Kouvola railway station is an important crossing point station. It is located about 130 kilometres (80 mi) from the Helsinki Central railway station. There is also a bus terminal by the station and together they form a travel centre.

Kouvola is one of the busiest crossing points in Finnish railways. There is traffic to four directions: to Helsinki via Lahti, to Kotka, to Pieksämäki and Kuopio via Mikkeli, and to Luumäki, after which the track forks to two directions: to Joensuu via Lappeenranta, or to Russia via the Vainikkala border control station. The Kouvola railway station serves local trains, express trains, InterCity and InterCity² trains, and Pendolino trains.

The service to Viipuri/Vyborg and St. Petersburg will be accelerated in 2009, with new trains operated by Karelian Trains.

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Lahti-Kouvola Terminus
toward Lahti
Terminus Kouvola-Joensuu
toward Joensuu
Terminus Kouvola-Oulu
toward Oulu
Terminus Kouvola-Kotka
Terminus Kouvola-Saint Petersburg
crosses border to Russia
toward Finlyandsky

Coordinates: 60°51′58″N 026°42′18″E / 60.86611°N 26.70500°E / 60.86611; 26.70500