Kuwait's First District

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Kuwait's first district comprises nineteen residential areas starting from Sharq and Dasma, passing through Salmiya and Rumeithiya and including Bayan, Meshrif and Hawally among others. It has a total of 77,245 voters.[1] Rumeithiya, a predominantly Shiite area, has the largest number of voters with 15,284 followed by Bayan with 11,931 and Salwa with 10,349 voters.

According to unofficial estimates, the majority of the voters are Shiites. The rest are a mixture of urbanites, especially the major families of Kandari, Awadhi and Roumi.

The area is largely suburban and has developed as the commercial center for computer-related goods in Kuwait. Prior to the First Gulf War, it housed a large number of the Palestinian population, most of whom left during the Gulf War.

Areas in the First District[edit]